Fat Face Gone! (pics)

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The photo on the left was taken on 10/14/2006. The photo on the right was taken 6/6/2011. The difference is only 18 pounds but what a difference! Ugly moles gone too! :happy:


More changes...

This was 9/21/2008.


Same weight but in Sept. of 2010.


This week with 18 pounds gone!


I still have a ways to go but I'm sure happy with the progress!


  • Lindz2323
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    wow congrats!! thats great! =) keep it up!!!
  • What a victory! That's awesome!
  • kvcarden
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    Congrats on your loss & the face sliming....best of luck to you as you keep up the journey :happy:
  • nitamo
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    You look great!!! Keep it up:-)
  • tansmom2
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    That's fantastic!!! Great job!
  • Very ENCOURAGING! Great progress. Good work gal keep on target.:wink:
  • ydoyle
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    Thats really wonderful and encouraging to see.
  • Palache
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    NICE~ Great job!
  • 4jenniferk
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    You should be happy... That's wonderful progress!
  • nitamo
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    Did you photo shop your beauty mark away? It's not in the after picture either:-(
  • kcthatsme
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    Did you photo shop your beauty mark away? It's not in the after picture either:-(

    Beauty mark? I had several moles that you can see in the picture on the left. I had those removed (except one) a few years ago and that's why they're missing in the picture on the right. No Photoshop. A little fuzzy though from my son taking it. :-)
  • 1ArmyMom1
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    Excellent progress... you should be very proud of yourself... keep up the great work!
  • beefluv86
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    Looking good, KC! Your pics are extremely motivating.
  • nitamo
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    I knew you had those removed but I miss the beauty mark (mole) that you had right above your lip:-)
  • nitamo
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    We had one in the exact same spot:-)
  • Papillon22
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    Great job!
  • elyssiam
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    Hey, wow! Look at you! You look great! Way to go! Isn't it amazing when you can see the results of eating healthier and exercising?! Keep it up! Great job!! :D
  • goingcrazy73
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    How encouraging!! That is one of my biggest problems. Everytime I take a picture with my kids I got this stupid double chin! Yay! There is hope for me yet! Thanks for posting!
  • kdudz
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    Congrats to you! Keep up the good work.
  • kcthatsme
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    I just realized that I never posted here to thank everyone for the kind comments. So... THANKS! :flowerforyou: I have lost three more pounds and am now wearing a smaller size (on the bottom) than my 163.2 pic. :smile: