Red team, week 36!

Haven't seen the thread for this week, so I thought I would start it up.

Hope everyone had a good New Years!

After all the holiday damage I weighed in this morning at 199. Feels like I'm gonna be stuck in the 190's forever! lol I'm determined to get out of this 190's funk (been stuck since August!) and finally get into the 180's.

Congrats to all who lost and/or maintained. If you gained like I did, here's to a new year with a brand new start. :drinker:


  • kvcarden
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    I am still at 193 (7 lb gain over the holidays) but I'm trying to stay positive this new year so I'm positive next weigh in will be a lower number!!! Liza- thanks for the enocuragement yesterday I did 20 mins of Leslie Sansone & thanks for starting today's thread.
  • jb_sweet_99
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    Forgot to weigh in today, was rushing to get to kickboxing when I got up. Today was the first real class, wow, it was awesome!! I thought I was going to die I was so tired, but it felt great that I could do it. I'm hurting a bit now, but I'll survive! Good luck this week guys!
  • MelL1205
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    I forgot to weigh in yesterday and this morning.
    Liz - I feel the same way about the low 180s. I manage to get down to 175 and then next thing I know I'm back up to 180. Then I stay there for months. It's been this way for over a year.
    Key - new year, new start. Glad you have a positive attitude.
    JB - kickboxing? cool!
  • Hi everyone! I hope that you are all doing well this week. I have decided to amp up my workouts by either running or swimming laps on my lunch break. Today I am going to go running and hoping to get in at least 3 miles. Then tonight I will go home and do Turbo Jam. I am hoping that adding this extra workout will jump start my metabolism. Even more so this week since it is that TOM :cry: I will let you all know how it goes.

    Mel- This will be the year that you break out of the 180-170 range.....I know it! :happy:
    Key - Thanks for the friend request! The attitude is great, keep it up girl! :flowerforyou:
    Liz- Thanks for starting the thread. We have all been (I know I have) not so good at sticking to our diets for awhile. But we can all get back on the wagon excuses. We can do it! :smile:
    Jen - I can't wait to see the results from your kickboxing....keep it up! :bigsmile:

    I hope that everyone had a great New Years! Talk to you soon!!

  • jb_sweet_99
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    I feel your pain Mel, I have quite the struggle with that as well, just keep your chin up and keep going, you'll get there :wink: And Yes, Kickboxing, lol, it burns soo many calories and it's actually pretty fun..I'm hurting today though let me tell ya!
    Thanks for the encouragement Mack! I will stick with it and keep you guys posted!
    Jenn :bigsmile:
  • MelL1205
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    Blehhh. I was going to weigh today, since I haven't in... who knows how long (because I'm scared... because I haven't been a good girl), but now it's that TOM and I feel like complete ****, so nope. Weigh-in postponed some more.
  • jb_sweet_99
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    Ya, just wait Mel, don't make yourself feel crappy for no reason. I haven't checked mine yet either because my body isn't used to such high intensity workouts and I'm sure my muscles are holding I'm waiting until this weekend or next week.
    Don't get yourself down, you've had a rough time lately but it can only get better right ? Hang in there :bigsmile: