Zumba exercise videos

Has anyone tried the Zumba exercise routines- I just got the sculpt and tone one and will be trying it out for the first time in the morning. It actually looks like fun........guess I'll have to wait and see


  • squoozyq
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    I'm dying to try it at my gym, the classes are always so full! Let me know how the vids are...maybe I should buy them and do it in my own living room?
  • NB_Lady
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    I'm not the most co-ordinated so it should be funny if nothing else- I'll let you know how I make out- wish me luck:smile:
  • kvcarden
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    The videos are fun and some of the dances make you feel super sexy! However, taking the classes seem to work better for me bc the instructor can walk you through the correct way to do a certain move...you'll see on the videos it's fun but the moves are shown quickly and you have to keep up or constantly press pause and when they put all the moves together good luck :wink:
  • :bigsmile: I have been taking the Zumba Classes since March this year and it is much more FUN than Exercise, it is more like dancing!!!!
  • I have a friend who take the class at her gym & she loves it. I didnt realize they have videos for that too. i will have to check that out.:happy:
  • BrendaLee
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    There are free Zumba videos on YouTube if you want to check them out. :)
  • thanks!!