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  • the 9 portions is in the whole box. 3 sachets, 3 servings per sachet. also, just because the prepared weight would be different, doesnt change the calories per sachet. if youre gonna eat the whole thing, make sure it totals 327 calories. and done.
  • also, the one prepared with water probably has different ingerdients, so that when you just add water (and not milk) it still has a nice creamy consistancy. the one you add milk too doesnt have/need those ingredients because you add milk
  • it doesnt change the calories. it changes the weight. 1 sachet is ~300 calories, all by itself. 3 sevings. add water (which has, and adds weight) and you still have ~300 calories and 3 servings. it just weighs more.
  • been away for a while lol must have forgotten why i left the forums in the first place
  • this....cant be real..? like i get that sometimes labels are confusing and i think its stupid when theres a "as packaged" and "as prepared" on some things. (popcorn, for example..who the *kitten* is gonna eat raw microwave popcorn??) but if youre preparing and eating the whole thing, then use the as prepared info...
  • i have used it, and the chocolate flavor. they arent too bad - i usually make a big shake in the morning with it + greek yogurt, milk, fruit, etc. sometimes i mix half a scoop in some oatmeal, with other flavorings. im not a big fan of it mixed plain with milk but will do it if i have to. i recently bought some chocolate…
  • cheddar bacon hamburger patty on a sesame seed bun, with habenero mustard, cheddar jalapeno cream cheese, a slice of kraft american, and some home made hot sauce.
  • personally, i dont add it anymore. my daughter is 18 months, still nurses at least 3 times a day. however, you could try adding 100-200 calories for a bit and see if it helps. i know theres entries in the database for nursing older kids, and the toddler entries range from 100-250
  • i get no results too - but i would just search for "weight lifting" and add in a total time for lifting and call it good.
    in squats?? Comment by rockerbabyy May 2014
  • most entries are user created, and theres no check in place to make sure things are entered properly. someone could enter a steak with 100 calories, 2 grams of protein and 600 carbs and it would add it. i also think that rounding up/down on packages (they can be off by up to 5-10% legally, i believe) is part of the…
  • theres a calculater on their website for entrees, based on mixed veg & the chicken teriyaki it would be 670 calories for a 2 entree plate
  • according to your heart rate monitor, which isnt accurate for anything other than cardio? ok.
  • that entry is obviously wrong - theres no protein listed ;) the souls thing is good to know though
  • the way i see it, is there are plenty of things that people eat that have no nutritional value but plenty of calories. you dont just eat your calorie goal and then go decide to eat 6 twinkies and not do anything to work them off, or compensate in some other way. some people eat part of their daily goal and fill the rest…
  • thank you so much kgeyser! those were the exercises i was kind of iffy about so you explained it all perfectly :) i dont have the option of using machines, since i lift in my garage, but ill definitely listen to my body and not push too hard. im hoping my new dr doesnt give me too hard of a time about it. kpost323 - it…
  • well they are right that HRMs are for cardio workouts...while lifting does raise your heart rate, its different from cardio so it doesnt read the same. weight lifting doesnt really burn all that many calories... if you want you can search for weightlifting under the cardo database and add it, it will adjust your bmf entry…
  • ive read that sometimes the BMF isnt accurate on things like treadmills and ellipticals... some people put the band on their calf and have more accurate results.
  • i did tdee-20% for a while and was eating 2600 and losing. now im doing 1900-2700 depending on my activity level for the day.. ive gotten pretty good at estimating how many cals i burn. granted this is my 2nd week back, but i lost 4 lbs last week eating an average of 2400/day - i also re started my weight lifting routine…
  • A) wear a bikini if you want! B) they wont totally go away C) i had pretty bad stretch marks, just from being overweight all my life. i made a body butter of coconut oil, cocoa butter, and jojoba oil - used it daily and my stretch marks faded dramatically.
  • i cant do plainplain. i usually make it with water, but i always add something to it, fruit, protein powder, peanut butter and jelly, butter and brown sugar, *shrug*
  • my first pregnancy i gained 35, my second im not sure how much because it was so close to the first, and i didnt really keep track. possibly close to 40 lbs. this last one i gained, and lost 15 of it during birth. all three were single births
  • my guess would be that with rotisserie chicken, its cooked with skin on, and sometimes with a butter or oil. as the chicken cooks, the natural chicken fat melts and gets into the meat..even if you take the skin off before you eat it, it was still cooked in fat, technically grilled (im assuming you mean boneless skinless…
  • pizza, pb&j, chicken quesadilla with sour cream and hot sauce, and/or some ice cream
  • while im still kind of on the fence about GMO - i know for a fact that artificial colors make my kids hyper as ****. i avoid them whenever possible (colors, not my kids lol though some days......)
  • im 5'6. and i started out at 276ish (thats the highest i have written down anywhere, i know with my 2nd pregnancy i got up to 290ish before i gave birth).. had lost 45 lbs (pic in purple shirt) and then got pregnant >.> currently working to get back down. before i did it eating about 1800 + exercise cals, heavy lifting…
  • 1) add yogurt, milk, and oatmeal into a container and shake to combine. Add what ever flavorings you want. Ive done brown sugaf maple syrup, apple cinnamon, chocolate peanut butter, banana strawberry, pb and jelly, nutella banana, etc. Just pull it out of the fridge and eat it cold 2)yes 3)see #1..but basically, whatever…
  • if using the site as intended, you should eat them...thats why they show up after you add an exercise. you wont gain weight, or not lose... it keeps your deficit at whatever you set it as and youll lose just fine. i always eat mine.