• <<<<KLAXON>>> Hello all - am in North Yorkshire and been maintaining for nine months :o)
  • My goal is 10.4 and that's what I stay at. If I go up a pound or so I cut down again until it's off. But the 2 weeks before I go on holiday, I cut down a bit more and drop a couple of llbs so I can have a bit of a blow out !
  • I write my weight down every morning - been maintaining about 9 months now and writing it down has shown me that my weight naturally fluctuates by about 5 lbs each month. I log it on here every month or so. For me, doing it this way has identified the fluctuations meaning that if I go up a couple of pounds I don't get…
  • Inebriati :o) Love it, that's me to a tee
  • Day 3 for me! Am going out tonight to see The Wanted so will see how I go. I may have to be drunk to sit through Walk Like Rihanna :o)
  • Sorry Em it must have been awful for you to see your father like that. Alcohol is addictive - we all know that and yet are surprised that giving it up is hard! And I am lol'ing at Irish people apologising to Wineways for giving up the drink. :o)
  • Sorry about that :o)
  • Interesting - my husband rarely drinks but I drink more than I used to. Maybe it's something else to blame him for (joke) :o)
  • It's brilliant to hear all your stories from when you are alcohol free. I've not drunk for 2 days out of a possible 18 so am happy too. I missed it last night at the usual time but once that passed, it didnt matter at all.
  • I've lost 45lbs now and am maintaining now. I exercised more (only walking miles though) and really stuck to 1200 plus eating back exercise cals. I never thought about the whole 45lbs, just did half a stone at a time and it soon came off. Not getting downhearted is the thing. good luck
  • Well done you - that's briliant work you must feel so much better
  • swede that's exactly how I want to be, mostly not drinking at all. Got through 6pm now though without wavering so another 3 hours and I will be in bed and that's 2 days alcohol free for me. Woo bloody hoo.
  • "but that's what you should do when you love someone" - replying to poster above what? Be respectful to someopne who you fear is openly trying to sbotage your recovery from an eating disorder. I don't think so at all. Your partner should be 100% supportive to you, not behave like a sulky toddler when you don't want the…
  • It doesn't sound like he has self esteem issues to me, it sounds like he is a bit of an *kitten*. Is he an *kitten* in other ways or is it just this? You are right anyway, stick with it and recover x
  • Thank you for all the kind words and helpful tips. Thanks also for the pictures of cute puppies though I'd rather have a clip of the penguin from happy feet if you could sort that for next time :o) I'm just going to chart my progress on here so it's easy to find. Anyone joining me do the same then we can help each other.…
  • That's what I'm hoping will happen and even if the cravings don't go then I've made my mind up now anyway. good luck with the birth and you are right hangovers and newborns are not good bedfellows.
  • Wow I also need to learn how to use the quote function #idiot
  • Moderation - that's the word I need to have tattooed on my right hand. Once I open a bottle of wine, I'll drink a bottle but if I don't open it, I cant honestly say i miss it that much. So my plan is to ditch the vino and when i go out I might drink lager as I can only physically drink a couple of halves as it blows me up.…
  • And here's a bunch of flowers from me too. Well done
  • Me too - been there since Christmas and am mostly sensible but am currently trying to ditch the booze. That's my goal now
  • It pains me too - the thought of being miserable at parties while everyone else is mashed. But then again, a crap party is a crap party with or without alcohol and at least I can drive home and wake up rather than coming round :o)
  • Thanks all - I'm going to use this thread to see how I do and anyone else wanting to shake Uncle Alcohol off is welcome to take a seat on the bus. - glad there are some of us trying to do the same so we can help each other maybe? I don't think I have a problem, but could absolutely see I was on the way to having one. So…
  • I started on May 17th last year, 40lbs overweight at 46 and starting the perimenopause. I'm now 47, still in the perimenopause (grrrr) and 42lbs lighter. Haven't found it that hard as am walking every day and still being careful but I'm keeping it off and LOVING being able to buy clothes from Top Shop rather than Evans -…
  • Don't you all look so much happier in the lighter pictures - stunningly healthy and beautiful ladies. It's hard though, I know but the end results are so worth it. I'm 47, 5.8 and started at around 190 - now 152. Want to be about 145 so half a stone to go. It's taken me since May 17th last year but now I can fit into…
  • Hi I'm 5'8" and 47 years old. Beginning of May last year I weighed 192lbs and joined MFP on 17th May. Lost steadily and am now 150lbs and a UK size 12-14 bottom and a 14 top. Have maintained since before Christmas and am happy at my weight as I look quite lithe and slim. Think I may try and drop another half stone though…
  • Hi, I'm from North Yorks and have been on here since 17th May and have lost close to 3 stone (put a couple back on over Christmas but am back to logging now as it sure is a slippery slope! Happy MFP'ing everyone - it's a numbers game now and once you get your head round the science bit it's relatively easy.
  • What Meg said above. Wine is my downfall so am not drinking at all, at home. I miss it though, an ice cold rose on an evening but that then leads to the crisps and the peanuts etc and I've hardly lost any weight for 3 weeks now.