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  • I like fried chicken liver quite a lot. But something tells me that 3 trips to Popeye's per week is not what they're suggesting 😆
  • This^^ Fun fact: Broccoli has 149% DV of Vitamin C per 100 g, while oranges (what most people associate with Vitamin C) only has 75% per 100g. Green bell peppers contain 134% DV per 100g. Brussels sprouts contain 142% DV per 100g. Even potatoes, squash (all varieties), green beans, cabbage, spinach, have a non-negligible…
  • I mean, it's gotta be pretty terrifying to live your life thinking that the mask mandates are in place to control all of us and that the global pandemic is some kind of spooky conspiracy to terrorize the masses, and that you alone know all of this and are out trying to spread the good word and no one is listening to you…
  • I, too, live in a pretty rural community. I can go for a run in our park and not worry about having to wear a mask, because I can easily stay 20 feet from anyone. But - we have a Wal-Mart a ways up the interstate. We have a local Dollar General. We have a Burton's, a Community Drug, a few local restaurants and a hardware…
  • Literally no one has touted masks as "magic shields". They are worn to protect other people from wet stuff spewing from your face holes. Like boogers, snot, and spit drops that fly out when you're angrily yelling at people about conspiracy theories. It's the same concept of wearing pants. Like, if you're wearing pants, and…
  • Why can't people seem to grasp that wearing a mask is to protect OTHERS from YOUR snot and slobber droplets exploding from your face while you are blabbing your uninformed opinions on wearing masks?
  • I'd imagine this is different for everyone. I personally don't deal so much with bloating after drinking diet soda or sparkling water, after a few burps (lol). However, my coworker has had WLS in the past and can't tolerate carbonated drinks hardly at all. Do you normally bloat for an extended period of time after drinking…
  • I believe what Heidi is referring to is how more recent studies have shown little to no correlation in consumption of high dietary cholesterol to higher blood cholesterol. Obviously you should listen to your doctor, but for many people with higher blood cholesterol, losing weight and becoming more active will have a…
  • Yep, OP if you are satiated and are eating a varied diet, and you are in a calorie deficit, you will lose weight. Sugar will not impact your overall deficit, nor will it impede weight loss. Also, 50g is not "high sugar." You are fine.
  • Weight loss is not linear and your body will naturally fluctuate within a range 1-5 lbs of water weight every day. The key is to remain consistent, log accurately and look for a downward trend over time.
  • Your body will absorb it and filter it through your kidneys. You should pee it out over the next few days. :)
  • My understanding is that you're supposed to eat at maintenance on the non-fasting days.
  • It is overpriced garbage that supports a garbage business model. If you want a "shake" for breakfast there are plenty of cheaper and better options out there. Herbalife is pure crap.
  • I personally prefer not to drink my calories so I switched to diet soda and unsweetened tea or tea sweetened with aspartame or sucralose. If you're worried about caffeine, there are plenty of caffeine free diet soda options. My two favorites are diet A&W root beer and diet ginger ale.
  • Do you use a food scale to measure and log your foods into your diary? If so, use your food scale for help with your recipes. Let's say you are making your chicken and dumplings and you are creating a recipe for it in MFP. When you go to create your recipe, it will ask you to name your recipe, and tell it how many servings…
  • If you're already at a normal weight, your TDEE is going to be lower than it would if you had a lot of weight to lose. Shaving 500 calories per day off of a lower TDEE is just not going to be sustainable for many people. Not to mention that with too steep a deficit, you're more likely to lose lean body mass if you're at a…
  • Aw, I was just cooking up my ACV/coconut oil/bone broth miracle elixir pyramid scheme and you had to go and ruin it! :D
  • Jumping on this train to ask wtf is the current obsession with "bone broth"? It seems to be all the rage right now. If I mix it with ACV and coconut oil, will I become a unicorn?
  • LOL, yes apparently so! But at least our brains are on the same page! By the way, when I eat chili it's really closer to like 300-350 grams a bowl. I love myself some chili, especially in the winter!
  • I like to weigh my final, whole recipe in grams and record the recipe as that many servings. For example, if my whole pot of chili weighs 700 grams, I'll say in my recipe that it's 700 servings. That way, when I weigh my portion of chili that weighs, say, 150 grams, I will log it as 150 "servings." It may look strange, but…
  • 1500 calories is the minimum recommended number of calories for men. Anything less than that is unhealthy. IMO at your current weight .75 kg per week is a very lofty goal. 0.25kg per week combined with enough protein and a progressive lifting program will do you a lot more favors than your current approach. Yes, eat your…
  • A calorie deficit is an excellent fat burner.
  • sees vaguely titled post *click* sees Taubes *backbackbackbackbackbackback*
  • @RedPowder have you read through the stickied threads in the subforums? You've gotten some great advice but it sounds like you may need a crash course in the basics. Here is a great thread to get you started:…
  • It doesn't matter at all unless you have a medical reason to watch your sugars. ETA: Though I will say 6,000 grams of sugar is extremely high and would equal about 24,000 calories per day in nothing but sugar, so you may want to lower that goal just a smidge.
  • I would still be hungry after drinking that for absolutely no benefit. 250 calories and $$$ wasted. But like others have said, if it satiates you and you enjoy it, there's no reason not to have it as long as it fits in your goals.
  • Being diagnosed as deficient in a certain micronutrient and taking a supplement at the advice of a doctor is different than just deciding to buy a bottle of Centrum. OP to be serious I don't think taking a basic multi is going to necessarily hurt you, but in most cases it's unnecessary and is quite literally flushing that…
  • Pro: placebo effect-induced sense of accomplishment with minimal effort Con: expensive pee