Gained 2 pounds

I don’t know how it’s possible... haven’t cheated, eating super healthy. I’m eating exact amount of calories. idk what’s going on.


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    yes, just as virginiajharris said. I had the same thing. I had two days of very high sodium and extra exercising and on that third day I was 3.5 lbs heavier. :( It took me a moment to not freak out and rationalize to myself that it was just water retention. I just kept with my normal schedule and eating routine and and withing 3 days I was back on track. It will even back out for you.
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    To steal a concept from 'The Good Place' TV show. Weight loss is very Jeremy Bearimy
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    Like everyone's saying, daily fluctuations of a few pounds are totally normal. Though it's absolutely understandable to be freaked out by them when you're not used to it!

    To give you an example: yesterday morning i weighed a whole FOUR POUNDS more than I did the day before. And I'd only eaten 1600 calories in that day!

    It's cool, though. It was just my body retaining a bit of water, no biggie. I'd done a pretty intense weights session the day before, my weight always goes up after that. Stepped on the scale this morning and i weigh five pounds less than i did 24 hours before...

    ....which ALSO isn't to say that I lost a pound of weight in the two days. It's just.. drastic fluctuations can be totally normal day to day for some of us. And yesterday evening I'd spent two and a half hours on roller skates- which is a lot of cardio, and I'll bet I could have drank more water and was a little dehydrated.

    I'll bet next week I'll have drastic fluctuations as well.. but the AVERAGE of all of them will be a wee bit lower than it was this week. And that average is really the only important bit 😊
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    I didn't know weight loss enables you to time travel!