Best Fat Burners?

I have tried Grenades which did work for a bit and now using Lean Evo which are a non stimulant but early days.

What s everyone's opinion for the next try?

Don't mind a buzz/stimulant and would rather capsules.

Thanks in advance.


  • dollarbill181
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    I feel most fat burners just help you drop water weight. The second you get off of them weight will go back up.
    Stick to a clean diet and exercise regime as mentioned above and you'll see the results you're after.
  • inertiastrength
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    I'm in Canada and ephedrine and caffeine are OTC here; they won't do anything if your diet isn't in order but there are some negligible benefits metabolically to taking both long term. Being that this is your first post my guess is you're not there yet. Diet is and always will be number 1. There are no shortcuts (no matter how much I wish there was) If you cant get your diet/cals under control not even the strongest, deadliest supplement will help you.
  • WholeFoods4Lyfe
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    None. If any of these pills actually worked, everyone would be thin and healthy.
  • sgt1372
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    I burn about 550 cals/day rowing 1 hr/day. It's the best fat/cal burning routine that I know of.

    I am in maintenance and do this to eat more to avoid hunger w/o gaining weight.
  • callsitlikeiseeit
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    eat less move more. thats the best fat burning method on the planet.
  • VUA21
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    Fire works, although I do not recommend it as it also burns flesh, muscle, and everything else.

    There's no magic, just eat at a deficit and you'll lose weight.
  • jjpptt2
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    AnvilHead wrote: »
    Best rule for "fat burners": If it works, it isn't legal; if it's legal, it doesn't work.

    Save your money. The only thing you're making lighter is your wallet. You lose weight by consuming less calories than you expend.


    And who would woo it?!? :mad:

    People who think woo is good? Or was that a rhetorical or passive/aggressive question?