Logging recipes

Hey everyone! I’m doing well at logging foods into my diary but how do I log food thats in a recipe? For instance, I’m making chicken and dumplings for dinner and I have no idea how to log it. Thank you!


  • Cahgetsfit
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    weigh every ingredient separately, then weigh the whole finished product after you cooked it and then call it something like "per hundred grams" - so if the whole dish weighed 1kg, you say 10 serves each being 100g.

    then when you eat it you weigh it out and hey presto.

  • puffbrat
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    There is a recipe builder. You can find it in both the website and app. Then do what @Cahgetsfit said.
  • Alyssa_Is_LosingIt
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    Do you use a food scale to measure and log your foods into your diary? If so, use your food scale for help with your recipes.

    Let's say you are making your chicken and dumplings and you are creating a recipe for it in MFP.

    When you go to create your recipe, it will ask you to name your recipe, and tell it how many servings it has. When I'm first entering my recipe, I enter "1" for the number of servings as a place holder, and I'll edit this later.

    Then you can build your recipe. Start by weighing the pot or pan that you're cooking the food in. As you're adding foods, be as accurate as possible. Weigh your ingredients and use the USDA entries for your meats and vegetables if possible. Once everything is in there, you can save your recipe.

    When it's through cooking, put the pot/pan on the scale and weigh it all whole. Let's say that the total weight for your chicken and dumplings in the pot is 3000 grams, and the pot you cooked it in weighed 1000 grams. This means you have 2000 grams of chicken and dumplings.

    Go back to your recipe, and edit it to say the recipe contains 2,000 servings of chicken and dumplings. You can then weigh your portion on your plate or bowl. If you portion out 300 grams of chicken and dumplings, then add it to your dairy as 300 servings of that recipe.