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  • You get to 10% for the same reason you get to 14%: So you can humblebrag to strangers about it.
  • Not at all. Your body isn't 100% efficient, and (for me) efficiency decreases with food volume. If I ate 10,000 calories in a day, a significant percentage of those calories would wind up in the toilet the next day, undigested. I guess I might be able to slowly increase my calories so my body got used to dealing with the…
  • I eat fewer calories on weekdays specifically so that I can overeat and binge drink on the weekends. No guilt.
  • The books were really fantastic, but there are over 1000 characters! I've never bothered with the series because so much has to be cut out that it doesn't seem worth it. More on topic: I don't get how people can commute for a long time, sit at a desk all day, and NOT work out. Lifting after working all day is the key to…
  • Nothing. My goal shifts periodically, where sometimes I want to gain and sometimes I want to lose. But now that I'm older, I think I might stick with 180-185, which is where I look and feel best (I think my avatar is about 185 last year, when I had more fat and a little less muscle). Also, my diet is extremely consistent,…
  • It would be great if people would stop thinking that anything about the Biggest Loser study is applicable to 99.99% of the population. The "study" only looked at a non-random, ridiculously small sampling of extreme outliers who had engaged in pointlessly extreme behaviors. It's the opposite of science. Also, there are…
  • So there's no such thing (in your mind) as a fit Olympic female gymnast? You've gone full retard. Literally no semi-thoughtful person would discuss lifting amounts without taking bodyweight into consideration. They specifically define "fitness" in the article, and limit it to cardiovascular fitness. I'm curious how much…
  • 2 questionable studies -- relying on the honesty of their test subjects is the opposite of science -- that really show nothing, but suggest that a real study could be worthwhile. And then CNN reports them as gospel, to the point of making specific food suggestions. This despite the fact that there's nothing in either study…
  • I never eat back my exercise calories. Doing so just adds one more layer of uncertainty to what's already an inexact practice. Why make this more difficult than it needs to be? edit: I guess it might be worthwhile for marathon runners. But for my 45-minutes or so of lifting, it's not necessary. If the scale moves a…
  • You are absolutely wrong and have no idea what you're talking about. Let us count the ways: 1) WHO repeatedy refers to 2000 calories as an "average" person's diet, and not in a negative way. 2) WHO makes no reference at all to "energy saving mode," which is a ridiculous, made-up thing that overweight people think is…
  • A week is nothing. A month isn't much. 2-3 months is enough to identify and act on a pattern.
  • All these shows are terrible, brain-sucking fluff. But every overweight person who claims to only eat 1200 calories per day (99% of Tumblr, IOW) should watch Secret Eaters. It could be enlightening.
  • It wouldn't be relevant to post my daily routine, but I'll say this: I have a workout room at home and work out the second I get home from work. I consider it part of my workday.
  • I can't figure out if the paper I've linked to here is the one you're talking about, but it isn't AT ALL a "primer about pH regulation and food"; it's about how the kidneys work to regulate pH no matter the food source. Also, anyone can look at the impact factor of the journal it's published in here. In this case, we see…
  • It's a common phrase. No need to get panties bunched. To OP: Couldn't agree more. The main difference between me bulking and me cutting is protein powder and about 3 extra 6-packs per week.
  • Broscience, not real science. It does become increasingly harder the more muscle you gain and more fat you lose, but it's certainly not impossible until you're very lean. OP is not very lean.
  • I don't eat things at work that I don't bring in myself. Ever.
  • You get "toned" by A) having muscle, and B) losing the fat that's hiding the muscle. You seemed to be focused on A and ignoring B. Do a decent weight program (New Rules of Lifting for Women is very popular here), eat at a small deficit, and you'll get "toned." One thing to note: Weight lifting makes some people (like me)…
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  • No. My home gym is great and cost less than $1K. Trainers offer nothing you can't do for yourself. Even if you need form checks, you can just post a vid to BB.com or Reddit and get all the feedback you need.
  • You know this is true in every major Western country, right? And that we pay far more than any of them because we don't have single payer?
  • Unless you're handicapped, there's no such thing as "impossible body standards." At its core, HAES is about giving up and accepting the status quo. I'll stop striving to look like Arnold circa 1980 when I'm dead. Similarly, I'll stop striving for better education, better fitness level, better communication (and other)…
  • I used to LOVE listening to loud, aggressive music while working out. But these days I listen to podcasts while lifting, and watch Anthony Bourdain's CNN show while on the bike. I think I'm just getting old.
  • Keto sucks for a few days and then it's very easy. I recommend looking at other keto-specific forums for food ideas; there no need at to be bored.
  • I keep my calories low on weekdays so that I can do whatever I want on weekends. I never get bored or discouraged, because there are constant, weekly breaks built in.
  • It's bizarre that people will eat a burger from a restaurant or fast food place, or a Subway sandwich, having no idea what's in it other than real meat (if it even has that), but wouldn't eat lab-grown meat.
  • Just do it. Like any other change in habit, it'll suck for a few days, and then it'll be fine. Caffeine withdrawal really isn't that bad. I switched last year from diet soda and roughly a gallon of coffee per day to just dumping a packet of Propel into a bottle of water. It's cheaper, tastier, and better for me.
  • This gets to the heart of it. Many here are pretending that those of us who would not be in a relationship with an obese person would dump our SO without warning if their weight hits a certain number. That's not the case (and I can't imagine what kind of relationships they're in that would make them come to that…
  • I eat pretty much the same thing every weekday (roughly 1800 cals.), so I rarely bother to log it. But logging religiously is what led me to the eating patterns that work for me. I'd say that you should log for at least the first couple of months because it's very educational.