What do you do after the day you overeat?



  • xmichaelyx
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    I eat fewer calories on weekdays specifically so that I can overeat and binge drink on the weekends. No guilt.
  • rainbow198
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    I don't overeat anymore, but I also eat less calories Monday - Thursday so I can fit in my planned treats on weekends.

    Looking forward to pizza later with no worries!

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    i log it and move on ...

    ^ this.

    I think this is the healthiest way of dealing with it.

    I exercise to improve my fitness, not punish myself for eating.

    If I restrict all week, I'm just setting myself up for a binge/purge cycle that never ends.

    Yes! I agree...and also drink more water than usual, I believe it helps flush out the "extra" :wink:
  • Aarjono
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    I try to keep an eye on the whole week. If I'm within my calories for the week, I don't worry about it. If I'm not, I just don't eat back my exercise calories the next day or two. And make sure I drink my water. The trick is not to panic and cause a spiral into another binge with self-defeating thoughts.
  • kavahni
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    Forgive myself
  • jrwms714
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    Log it and move on is the best way to do it. At least for me. It's healthier psychologically for me, too.
  • cburke8909
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    Log it , try to let it go and start again. If it's one day once in a while(let's say less than once a month) and my weight is not gaining, it's best to focus on not letting it become the reason you quit trying. I usually don't like the way my body feels the next day, and that becomes motivation to return to normal. Scheduled days off like holidays or celebrations ( I usually try to eat sensibly but I do not track food these days) are part of life. You start a plan like this to enjoy life more because you feel good. The goal is not about a number whether that number is net calories or weight.
  • MotherOfSharpei
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    I usually extend my runs by a mile or so for the next few days, working to burn around the same amount of calories that I over-consumed. Sometimes I just say "what the heck" and go on with life as normal.
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    Over the next week, I drink senna tea and tons of water to help take down bloating and move the digestive process along, try to tidy up my diet, and I try to push myself a little harder in my workouts. Nothing crazy, I just really try to dig deep and do my best, so I can feel like the extra calories were not in vain LOL. If I'm not too tired/feeling too heavy, I'll run because running is the best way to eat up glycogen and shake off water weight for me.

    That's about it. I don't feel bad or cut anything anywhere else. Ain't nobody got time for that.
  • Need2Exerc1se
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    Learning to deal with situations like this is part of maintaining your weight long term. You simply need to either A) prepare ahead of time by increasing your deficit through calorie restriction or exercise (or both) or B) pay for it afterward by doing the same thing. Learn to recognize when it happens, and simply do some extra work afterward. People will tell you exercise isn't required for weight loss, and they are right, but it is required for fitness, and honestly if you want to not re-gain your weight you should learn an exercise routine while you are dieting that you can continue afterward. It's simple logic.

    If you log it, do nothing, and continue on, it simply takes you longer to reach your goals. However, in maintenance later on when you're not dieting, eating it and moving on means permanent gain. It adds up over time and will land you back here in the future wondering what happened.

    Just my .02 anyway.

    I totally agree with this. This is what stops yo-yoing. Either you deal with it now, or you deal with it later. But if you want to maintain, you will have to deal with it.
  • OY74NmFGBL
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    If I planning on indulging then I am super strict the week or a few days before and then after I get back on track. Usually though I am not that hungry the day after so my intake will be lower for the next day or two. I drink plenty of water and make sure I get my exercise in. I may cut some starches out for the next day or two, not completely but maybe skip a serving or two.
  • apullum
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    I'm confused about whether this is a regular occurrence for you or an occasional thing. If I was regularly in situations in which I couldn't stop myself from eating 4000 calories in one day, I'd work very hard to avoid those situations. You can plan ahead and "bank" calories ahead of time, but for me, that would be an awful lot of calories to bank throughout the week on a regular basis. If it's an occasional celebration, though, I'd try to cut back in the week leading up to it and probably after. After I've had a weekend of overindulging, I usually crave vegetables anyway!
  • nxd10
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    Eat less because I'm less hungry. It evens out over the week.
  • trymary
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    I figured out a couple months ago that it doesn't really matter if you overeat one or two days in a row. If you just get back on track again, in the long run, you're going to be fine. I would say to you, just eat your normal amount the next day, and don't worry.
  • trymary
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    My biggest problem with a binge is stopping there. The day after I still feel that "caution to the wind" mentality, and the hangover munchies. Then one binge becomes two. If I try to eat little the next day, the deprivation turns into another binge and the cycle continues. For these reasons, I find my best course of action is to just start fresh with a normal healthy day the next day, and well, yeah probably get some activity.

    The weight watcher mind frame would have us prepare for an indulgent day by saving up excess calorie deficit through the week. But that requires not having a extreme deficit through the week already (which would entice a binge anyways).

  • trymary
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    Feed the Bears, my problem with banking calories, as WeightWatchers does, is that I cannot sleep at night if I don't eat enough! As long as the next day we get back to normal, it balances out over the week or month. No worries.
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    I intermittent fast after a cheat weekend.
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    @ferd_ttp5 - I think it's great that you're you're logging everything when this happens. In my opinion this is the most important part of learning how to manage binges over time. Whatever you choose to do, you'll have an honest gauge of your consumption and the results. Good stuff.
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    I set a goal of 2-3 days of sensible eating, by which I mean eat my veg and ease up on the cake or the alcohol or whatever, and very firmly to come under cals by about 100. Drink lots of water, get sleep. Just generally be nice to myself.
  • trickmirrors
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    i just move on from it.
    "punishing" yourself doesn't lead to anything good. things will even out in the end. i tend to naturally crave lighter/healthier/more nutritious food after a big blowout, but i try and let my body tell me what i need.