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  • I just received the DVD and will start next Monday. I'm excited!
  • I just started keto. I'm on day 1 but I plan to follow keto until I'm down 100lbs then transition to low carb.
  • Wow you look amazing. Great job, you are an inspiration
  • Why don't you shoot for eating at maintenance for awhile until after the holidays. That way, no damage done and you can start fresh in the new year. What works for me when I fall off track is looking at pictures of myself and remembering why I want to be healthier. My friend told me no food tastes as good as skinny feels…
  • A good base plan is strength train 2-3X per week. Then train each portion of the race a minimum of 2X per week the weakest event 3X per week. My tri program is a sprint and I lift 2X a week, run 3 times a week, and bike and swim 2X a week. It works out to a total of about 6 hours a week of training. That's fine to complete…
  • I'm a 13-15 minute miler depending on my weight and I do triathlons. You wouldn't need to improve to compete in one because you would be well under the run cutoff times.
  • 26 pounds but I am not tracking right now and I think I am gaining :( I'm going back to tracking next week, I needed a little break.
  • Yes I use them but I'm not sure the model. I got mine on amazon last year. It definitely helped tracking workouts and how many calories to eat back doing steady state cardio and some boot camp classes.
  • I signed up for a triathlon next June. That's my first mini goal, loose enough weight to be comfortable. It's about 8 months away and I'd like to be 60 lbs lighter by then.
  • I joined a masters swim team and they already have workouts. Check with your local college or YMCA to see if they have one. Also, pre masters, I used something called workouts in a binder. It's a water proof book with different workouts.…
  • I love old navy. I find everything very well made. I have pants, tights, bras, and tops from them
  • I weighed 320 lbs and I walked 5 miles and I did not burn that much. I think 303 is even too high.
  • Planning is your best tool. Plan everything, bring your own food, and indulge but monitor your portions.
  • ^ This I wear a wicking shirt under my work shirts to help with sweat and polar fleece is great.
  • I was looking into this awhile ago because I eat eggs for breakfast. In terms of cholesterol, 1 egg per day was okay but more than that the research got fuzzy. I ended up switching to eggs only 2-3 times per week and I eat yogurt the rest of the week.
  • The best thing you can do it loose weight.
  • Me! I was at 329, now at 307. When I started MFP I was at 260, so have a bit of a yo yo problem but this time I am really serious. I was diagnosed with diabetes and I'm not messing around anymore.
  • I wouldn't worry about a slow metabolism. Give MFP a try and you will see results. Just make sure you're weighing your food and being honest with what your eating.
  • I'm going through the process now to get weight loss surgery. For 6 months I have to prove that I can either maintain or loose weight. They want to see the lifestyle changes now that I will need post surgery. There is no way weight loss surgery is easy. You loose hair, your on vitamins the rest of your life, you can't eat…
  • I wouldn't worry about fast weight loss in the beginning. I wouldn't even worry about 3-4 lbs per week at your weight. I am about 307 right now and loosing 3-4 lbs a week with eating all my calories and not exercising and I must just be burning more than mfp is estimating. As long as your not hungry and really restricting…
  • That is amazing. You were close to my starting weight and your goal weight is also close to mine. I want to join crossfit as a reward when I hit 230. You're such an inspiration, I hope to look as great at you!
  • I did my certification in Dutch Springs. It's super clear there but a little cold. Definitely wear a warm wetsuit!
  • I am certified and have dived in a quarry and in the Caribbean. The Caribbean was much much much nicer. Scuba is so much fun!! Just relax and remember your not that far down so its easy to get to the top if something goes wrong. And just practice and it will come easier. Use those pool sessions you will have in the class…
  • I used to drink a frappacino everyday and now I drink black coffee. I switched from that to lattes with sugar to coffee with cream and sugar to coffee with sugar. I just slowlllly changed the amounts of things I added to it and most recently removed the sugar. I also reduced my coffee intake from 3 cups a day to one cup a…
  • Walking is great but it needs to get your heart rate up. If you can do that in your house, then it counts as exercise. Also try walking stairs, as that really gets the heart rate up.
  • Do not listen to that trainer. He is very very wrong. Lifting weights in a caloric deficit will help you retain the muscle or at least minimize muscle loss while you are loosing weight.
  • I did the same thing my first couple of weeks. Between lunch and dinner may be 7 hours for me, so I save 500 calories and eat them as snacks in the afternoon. It keeps me from binging, and I eat modest meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Currently I am snacking on skinny pop popcorn and krave pork jerky
  • My first goal is 100 lbs to loose but I ultimately need to loose close to 150 lbs. I like your mindset, 10 lbs at a time, I think I am going to borrow that! I log in everyday and track my food religiously. You can add me if you think it will help!