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  • Low Carb High Fat, a keto diet
  • Ive also seen slower swimmers buy flippers if they cant keep up with a lane speed but still want to swim.
  • I have a book called workouts in a binder, there is one for swimming. You can do distance or time and when I am out of shape, I just go for time or cut the workout in half etc. I like the structure of the plan and it's nice to follow something. The workouts in a binder are either swim, run, or bike focused and I bought…
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  • I'm not sure i would run through them. What helped me back in the day was changing the way I ran ( I was a heel striker) and stretching. I don't get them anymore.
  • I would drink the juice but water it down.
  • I ride metric centuries all the time and I am in the morbidly obese range. It's just a matter of training. For sure it would be easier if I lost weight, but it is possible to ride well as a fatty.
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  • Any oil will work. Baby oil is cheap. I use something Neutrogena sells (I think it's Hazelnut) but I think baby oil works better. It's very important to wash though, it will also lessen the damage to your hair.
  • Wash immediately and moisturize. I use oil after swimming.
  • For me it all comes down to stress at work. Find out what is causing you to gain and nip it in the bud.
  • i have an all or nothing approach that has not worked well for me at all. I lost 60 lbs, gained close to 80, lost 30, gained back 25. The periods of ups always have an associated excuse and I refuse to just try to maintain (all or nothing). Fast forward to this year, I have been suffering from uncontrolled asthma and its…
  • I use a cup measure and measure out portions. Then divide the total # of calories in the dish by the number of portions I made. Usually I play around with the portions to get enough calories in a meal or plan a snack with the meal.
  • Like the 5lb bar they sell at the park store?
  • Yes, you should log everything, especially in the beginning. It's best to weigh everything because you will have the most accurate measurement. I do try and log the brand of apple as well, but red apple, green apple, yellow apple are also close enough. The calories will not be that different, its the weight that matters.…
  • I know what you're going through. The other day I was obsessed with finding something sweet. I do not bring sweets into the house because I will eat everything in one sitting. After sulking in the kitchen for a bit, I realized I had the ingredients to make brownies with coco powder. Made the brownies, ate half as batter…
  • Mapmyrun app also good
  • Try driving your route in the car so you are running a known distance. Then track the time it takes to run that known distance. Your pace is min/mile. Or you can track your pulse rate which would be more accurate in terms of calories burned (All you need is a watch). Calculate your max heart rate and see what percentage…
  • I have two different glamorise bras and i don't use them for high impact only cycling. There is still some movement which gets uncomfortable.
  • If you can already swim pretty well, I would find a masters swim program on your area. There are also workouts in a binder that give a decent set of swim workouts and you start at your current fitness level.
  • If you're really thinking you would stick that low, maybe get some resistance bands first. When you progress, get some heavier dumbbells.
  • I have an enell and its so tight I can barely breathe but nothing moves. The bra is amazing.
  • I fully support vegetarian/vegan lifestyles, but raw vegan is very difficult. If it's something you are seriously considering, try eating raw for a meal and transition over to see how it works for you. It can be expensive and is time consuming.
  • Bike 100 miles (century) Olympic triathlon followed by a half distance triathlon
  • It's an easy blood test if you're worried. I get my levels tested every year and have always been fine on a complete crap diet. Everyone is different. Supplementing is a good idea though.
  • Have you seen the vegan bodybuilding site? There is a forum http://www.veganbodybuilding.com/
  • It's more about calories. If you are eating unprocessed whole foods, they generally contain less calories. A huge salad for me will have the same amount of calories or less than meat containing chili/lasagna/casserole. I would log everything and make sure to get in protein and fiber at each meal. If you are having trouble…
  • Thanks guys. I won't be doing any cardio until I see the other doctor. I feel great today, but I am not taking peak flow readings or anything. The other doctor didn't mention this or keeping an asthma diary which really upsets me (part of the reason why I am switching). Another question, is the peak flow measurement a…
  • The above advice is great, especially B12 and D supplementation. Make sure to get variety in your diet, pay attention to your macros, and don't get hung up on labels. There are no vegan police and its okay if you eat 80% vegan, only eat meat on Thanksgiving, whatever. Don't beat yourself up because you decided to go vegan…
  • Thanks everyone. I don't have a spacer, so I will look into getting one. I haven't had to use the rescue inhaler since I started symbicort, so maybe that's a good sign that it's working and can add back in some activity. I guess the only way to find out is to do it. I am switching doctors soon. Ending up in an ER twice…
  • I have been a healthy vegetarian and an unhealthy vegetarian. The key is making your diet balanced, have variety, and have a backup plan for when you're stressed, busy etc. There are tons of recipes out there. My favorite blogs are Happy Healthy Kitchen and Oh She Glows. My favorite cookbooks are But I could Never go…
  • Thanks. I want to work out with lifting for now because I am pretty sure that won't trigger anything but cardio is what I am really concerned about. I love biking, swimming, and snowboarding, but those are all pretty cardio intense activities. The only attacks I have had come up slowly but get bad very fast (I go from…