Switching from WW to MFP

Good evening everyone. I've been on WW since April 1st. I've lost 43 pounds. I have a lot left to lose (161 left). The reason I'm thinking of making the switch is I'm starting to think WW is giving me too little calories for someone of my size. I'm currently 5'6" 301lbs. I've starred to get more and more active as time goes on. I've been doing about 200 hours in the gym. I've been counting calories and points during this week and even when I go over my daily points, I'm eating 1500-1600 calories. Different calculators put me anywhere from 1900-2200 calories. I'm just worried this is slowing my metabolism down by eating this amount and going to make it harder for me to lose. I'm going to try strictly calorie counting for a month. Does anyone have any thoughts on this situation. Anyone make the change from WW to MFP and had success? Thanks so much!


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    Don't worry about slowing your metabolism down. Not going to happen.

    The question is: how do you feel at your current points and the calorie range of 1500-1600? Suffering? You don't need to. Yes, at your weight you can continue to lose at 1900-2000 calories. It will be slower, but you may find you have more energy and your workouts might be better. You would also build more muscle as you are losing.

    But if you are happy with the way you feel/perform at your current weight, there is no reason to fear it and stop.
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    I did WW about 5 years ago, got to goal quickly, Gold since. Changed over to MFP because I was using WW app for maintenance but of course had to pay, whereas MFP is easier, more straightforward, & free. It was a no brainier for me. Love MFP.
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    I'm using this to log, Jane Plan so it's easier to stay in my calories and WW so I'm weighed weekly. If I don't lose weight I'll brush it off on my own, but being publicly weighed gives me more incentive.
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    I wouldn't worry about a slow metabolism. Give MFP a try and you will see results. Just make sure you're weighing your food and being honest with what your eating.
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    I actually had the opposite experience. On WW, since fruits and veggies are 0 points, I found I was eating way more than I am on MFP. I like MFP better because it keeps me more honest (0 points is not 0 cal), it tracks my macros and my water, and it's free!
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    Get a food scale at walmart. Log every single bite. You won't believe how well this works. Just don't give up. I focused on protein, fiber, and sodium.
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    I switched even though I have lost 90+ lbs over the years with WW - the new program was awful - I am someone who needs a bit of sugar and carbs to keep me happy and I couldn't do it - my 1300-1400 calorie days here (plus usually 800 in activity due to walking at work) would be about 50 points out of 30 I was allowed - fruit is not zero calories and shouldn't be treated as such, nor should a 90 calorie fiber bar be 4 points.
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    I just started MFP this Sunday after leaving WW. It's been an adjustment. I'm used to knowing all the points of my frequently eaten foods and just sort of winging it. Actual calorie counts is taking a bit of getting used to, but it's working out. I really like the macros and nutritional information and get excited at the end of the day if I'm close to goal.
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    I did WW for the first 25 # and for the last month, also logged on MFP ... and WW was, in fact, giving me too few calories, even figuring in that they did not assess "points" for certain fruits and vegetables at that time (no idea what is happening now). MFP saw me through the next 25# just fine. And as others have noted, the macro and nutrition info is very helpful.
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    I use both. I track with MFP (sometimes on WW too, but their app is harder for recipes and I tend to create a lot of new meals). I like the emphasis on nutrition and lifestyle with WW, but the points/calories is pretty wacky some days (too high or too low).

    But.. I still go to WW meetings. Whenever I try to just do WW online, or just MFP, it's not enough structure and accountability. I wanted to try TOPS with MFP but they don't have convenient meetings for me.

    I tend to read different nutrition and dieting books and glean tips from any programs. Recently I've been eating mostly vegetarian, now I'm low carb until evening (and still "relatively" low carb compared to before), then binge before bed with snacks and desserts.

    There's no one right answer for everyone. We just have to find what works for us, and sometimes that changes too. GL!