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    I started by switching to almond milk, then I would add a flavored tea bag (like pumpkin spice) instead of sugar. Took a few days to get used to but now I don't use any sweetener
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    "Venti bold, black, no room sugar". 5 words. Guess I'm part of the problem :)
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    "Venti bold, black, no room". 5 words. Guess I'm part of the problem :)

    Nah, the "no room" shouldn't be required with "black" ;)
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    Decades ago I stopped putting stuff in my coffee as there were too many times there wasn't stuff at work to put in it so I just learned to drink it black. Was nice when I started losing weight to not have to mess with it.
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    Bry_Lander wrote: »


    "Venti bold, black, no room". 5 words. Guess I'm part of the problem :)

    Nah, the "no room" shouldn't be required with "black" ;)

    Dammit. I meant no sugar. I came back to edit but see I'm too late.
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    Califa brand Almond milk coffee creamer has 10-15 calories per serving, depending on flavor. They have everything from Vanilla, to Dulce de Leche, to Chocolate Mint (OMG, this one is so good!). Just switch your creamer to something lower in calories and use Stevia as a sweetener.
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    I used to drink a frappacino everyday and now I drink black coffee. I switched from that to lattes with sugar to coffee with cream and sugar to coffee with sugar. I just slowlllly changed the amounts of things I added to it and most recently removed the sugar. I also reduced my coffee intake from 3 cups a day to one cup a day. Over time, you can make the changes. If you can't, just work on fitting the calories into your daily allowance.
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    I made a decision one day to "ween" myself off high calorie coffee additives. So basically half and half and sugar eventually had to go out the window. I first still used both but cut back on how much until I got used to that, then started using stevia, until I got used to that. Then tried with no sweetness, still keeping half and half. Then I started trying it black (this was admittedly the hardest stage). I still to this day use flavored creamer (hazelnut) but I measure just a serving and log it. If I want coffee again later in the day, I drink it black. I like both now, for different reasons. I can't handle sugar in my coffee now, ever. I think it's horrible.
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    Yeah, I'd never get moving if I didn't have my coffee in the morning. My advice is to gradually cut back on what you add to your coffee. I'm not someone who's good at "cold turkey". I used to drink lots of sugar and cream in my coffee. Now I put my travel mug on my kitchen scale, add 45ml of half and half, and fill the rest with coffee. It's 60 calories and I'm quite happy. Another great option, especially when it's hot outside, is to make cold brew coffee. It's much smoother and less bitter. When I make it with my favorite coffee beans I can even drink it black. You might want to experiment with different brands and types of coffee too. There are some that are much easier to drink with fewer additives.
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    Coffee was the one thing that was non-negotiable!!! I took the time to figure out the actual calories for my daily coffee and added that as my first recipe on MFP. With that said as time goes on you may find that you can or might need to edit your coffee (meaning adding less sugar ;) ) you might find that as time goes on your taste will change and you might lower some of the sugar, etc. So at this point just count the calories and be open to change at some point.

    Also, I am not a substitute person its brown sugar and non-dairy regular creamer.
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    I use stevia or monkfruit to sweeten my coffee and 1/2 cup of almond milk - I can't stand it black! If I'm splurging, I'll add 1 packet of sugar and use skim milk instead; the skim milk gets me some protein in as well, which is a win in my book lol
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    I gave up sugar easily enough but I still use 1 tsp of creamer which is 10 calories per cup. I keep measuring spoons by my coffee pot and just make an allowance in my daily calories for the creamer. Black coffee is too acidic for my stomach and the creamer is the buffer.
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    So I have a coffee addiction. More like a overly sugared sweetened dessert-like coffee addiction. I don't drink it black.

    If I give it up. I will stop moving and talking. Lol. Plus, the headaches.

    But I can't lose weight drinking dessert every morning.

    Coffee lovers- what do you do? Do you give up the goods or alter or what?

    I love coffee...the actual coffee...really good quality coffee and I grind my own beans daily...doesn't need anything, I take it black...occasionally with a little 1/2 and 1/2...
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    I loved my coffee with a lot of cream as well. When I started measuring how much cream I put in......the calorie assumption validated why it was taking me so long to lose weight. Now I give myself one 8oz cup of coffee with 2 tbl of my favorite cream a day. I need one treat a day and dang it I want a good cup of coffee every morning. Then I switch to hot tea or water. At first it was a little hard but now I find myself sometimes not even finishing the one cup of coffee.
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    Check out the Myprotein website, they have 0 calorie flavdrops with dozens of flavours. You could use these, plus a splash of milk if you want. I stopped adding milk, and just use the drops now for flavour/sweetness.

    My favourites are:

    chocolate peanut butter
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    I only have half a cup, black, and out the door for 4am I go!
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    I add half a cup of unsweetened soy milk to my coffee (usually cold brew). The soy milk is about 40 calories, and I'd be drinking it anyway, so I might as well drink it with coffee. Sometimes I also add a small amount of chocolate syrup.
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    Y'all are making me think that I might -- might -- be able to tone down the dessert-coffee (great term!) that I normally drink. I have my usual formula saved in my diary and log it daily (47 calories, 4 carbs), but mmmmmaybe I'll try getting closer to black.

    In the meantime, though, I think I'll have another cup.