Any reasonable Active wear clothing brands I can find online?

I'm looking for some good reasonable priced gym wear clothes. Please recomend some good online stores thanks.


  • cs2thecox
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    I'm sure people have a TON of ideas for this, but country would be helpful so people can recommend things that won't result in insane shipping costs or big import duties!
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    Hi OP, just wanted to let you know that I moved your post to the "Fitness and Exercise" forum. I think you'll get more responses here.
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    Champion is generally pretty cheap. As is Reebok. That said, most retailers have items on sale all of the time. I've never paid full price for any of my workout gear.
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    I get a lot at local Goodwill. Can't beat the price and in great condition. You could try eBay.
    Give us an idea of what you consider to be a "reasonable price."
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    I really like Old Navy's exercise bottoms. They seem to be very well made for the price.
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    I love champion and their C9 brand and I order through Target online. never had a problem and they are by far the most comfortable leggings and sports bras that I have bought.
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    If you're looking for compression gear, Copper Wear is still having a 6 item for $6 @ sale on its site here:

    I bought 3 shirts and 3 shorts from them retailing @ $150 for just $36 w/free shipping and no tax. They are as well made as the many UA shirts and shorts that I own.

    I didn't buy them because of the purported "healing claims" of this or any any copper fiber product. I bought them because they were cheap at 75%off.

    The shirts and shorts I got are well made, as good as UA. They fit tighter and feel warmer (probably because of the copper fiber) than UA, which I prefer in the shirt. I was between sizes the shorts and bought them in medium because they were out of large. The shorts are a tight fit and not uncomfortable, but I'd still prefer them in large.

    I also bought some of their knee and elbow sleeves which were being blown out at my local Bed Bath and Beyond. They are also well made, feel good and do NOT slip which is a problem w/other sleeves I've bought.

    They are also available in 6 for [email protected] sale but don't cost as much as the shirts & shorts, so there is not as great a discount but, if you need them, they're available.

    Not sure what their return/exchange policy is but they do have a 24/7 customer service contact #.

    For the record, I am just a customer and have no financial or other interest in the company. Just passing on the info about the deal currently being offered and my experience w/the product.
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    I do old Navy online. I really like their lined running shorts and they have cute tops.
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    Besides country, it would be helpful to know sizing range.

    US, for women in misses (not so much plus/women's): Sierra Trading Post often has good deals on top brands, but limited sizes/colors. If you don't object to them in principle, Sam's Club will also have some good deals on quality items, usually in a range of misses sizes, but specific items vary a lot over time. The Danskin line at Walmart also works for me, but I prefer cotton to synthetics (I know, weirdo - sigh). Both Sam's and Walmart offer online, not just stores.
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    I love old navy. I find everything very well made. I have pants, tights, bras, and tops from them
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    Costco has awesome, cheap athletic wear.
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    Another fan of Champion. Can find their Vapor shirts for less than $10 sometimes.