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  • Huge difference! I'm a slow loser (ha) like you and I have the same problems. Get some!
  • I can burn anywhere between 350 - 600 in a 45 min - 75 min lesson (using a Polar chest strap and Polar M400). I lose weight when I eat at a deficit so those numbers are working for me.
  • Drink lots and lots of water. Add lemon for flavour! =)
  • Why are you frustrated? Are you making positive choices and decisions? Are you feeling better? It's not a race.
  • I have a Polar M400 - which I love, although it has a heart rate strap so not super ideal. My Fitbit Force stopped working after a sweaty run, so I can't endorse them. If I wanted constant heart rate monitoring, I would go with the basis peak.
  • As a "substitute" for traditional pasta - Costco has this amazing Black Bean spaghetti. Goes AMAZING with pesto!
  • Cauliflower fried "rice" is a favourite in my house - add it last night. mmmmmm!
  • I would (personally) add in some protein with a shake or some milk, or hard boiled egg, and probably only have about 1/3 or 1/2 cup of dry oatmeal.
  • Seeing as I like to keep my breakfast and lunch smaller to allow for snacks + decent sized dinner, still seems fine to me. Is it keeping you satiated for at least a few hours? Are you drinking any milk or juice at breakfast?
  • Depends on the person. I weigh daily, but can easily accept fluctuations are a part of life. If you can't, don't weigh daily. *shrug* For me seeing even a slightly lower number is inspiration, and a slightly higher number motivations. I log my weight weekly on MFP though.
  • Anyone ever had wrist pain after rows? My left wrist is KILLING me from what I believe were my 100lb rows Tuesday =/ I feel like pulling the par to my chest, I turned my wrists in? Does that make sense? Makes me hesitant for OHP today. Yesterday, got about 17000 steps in and 5km on the treadmill. Still on the fence what to…
  • Finally failed my bench yesterday on the fifth rep of my fifth set, not a happy camper but not super upset... didn't eat a ton so that could have contributed. 4x5, 1x4 @ 120 lbs bench 5x5 @‌ 185 lb squat 5x5 @‌ 100 lb row Will try to be better at posting workouts in February! Started a new job and January was a bit nuts.
  • I would not get a Charge as it seems to use a similar charging port to the Force, and mine fried after a 5km run. They didn't address my issue and I had to send it via the recall. And it took three months. I now have a Polar M400 for the different activities, HRM monitoring, gps tracking, and incredible battery life - and…
  • Yeesh that's no fun! Some of my recent meals: - homemade gyros with tzatziki sauce - beer braised beef, mashed potatoes, and broccoli - watch portions, but seriously amazing - oven roasted chicken (can cook with skin on to seal flavour), asparagus with a bit of parmesan. Should have some sort of carb, but I'm always at a…
  • Personally, depending on the activity I would mentally adjust the macros. Aka really try and get at least 100 g of protein on lifting days - supplement with a protein shake or bar if I NEED to. Doesn't MFP adjust them anyway? And you can manually set the percents if you so desire? The general "rule" is don't adjust your…
  • wow, I can't imagine going 99 cal over as "blowing it" but that's just me. Good luck on the next day regardless. =)
  • Hmm interesting. On my Polar watch/hrm, when I do a cardio class (like shred, so hiit) it's about 20% fat loss, but my lifting shows as around 50%. Kind of seems accurate!
  • I lift Sunday Tuesday Thursday, have football "conditioning" - light circuit training - Monday, riding lesson + cardio Wednesday, cardio Friday, riding Saturday - usually.
  • Really struggling with getting my schedule moved around buut: 5x5 Squats @ 175 (My back was hurting for some reason... didn't feel like a form issue - depth was ok, chest was up) 5x5 OHP @ 80 lbs (yes! first successful 5x5 at this weight!) 1x5 DL @ 135, 185, 205 - moved to sumo DL last week after 215 seemed impossible (but…
  • Had my first fail yesterday. My core was dead after an hour of horseback riding and just couldn't get out of the hole at 185 on my second set. Deloaded to 155 (working weight of my lifting partner) to finish. So... Squats - [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] Bench - 5x5 @ 105 - surprisingly easy, but seeing as I deloaded last week…
  • I find weight loss with lifting very hard to balance (have plateau'd since maybe October...) eating at, say, a 500 cal deficit, and the gains physically haven't been as much as I would like - I'm looking at you, DL. Any lower than 500 calories and my lifts suck. Really trying to up my protein and see if that helps fill me…
  • At the supplement store yesterday, my lifting buddy and I were going and asked for a protein supplement that "tastes good, but is not intentionally for bulking as we were trying to lose weight". The poor guy started automatically trying to reassure us that we wouldn't bulk up. Buddy, if we didn't have weight to lose, we'd…
  • Yesterday was my birthday so decided to try and increase each set of 5 on my squats to see if I could hit 200 - success! Squats 1x5 @ 180, 185, 190, 195 then 200! Have a form video but the quality is lacking so MAY post it. First three reps I was happy with, last two tipped forward more than I would like. OHP 5x5 @ 75lbs -…
  • I've been MIA/sick for a few week or so, so deloaded yesterday... felt ok, still not feeling 100%. 5x5 Squats - 170lbs 5x5 OHP - 70 lbs 1x5 DL - 185 lbs
  • 5'5'' SW: 245 CW: 203 GW: 150??? I'd like to be strong and awesome though, regardless of the weight.
  • Well, we WERE planning to, but Fitbit's poor excuse for customer service - teasing us with the concept of the possibility of getting it with early release but then the BS "oh sorry, you're in Canada? Just kidding!! We can't even be bothered to mention that in the e-mail, so here's a form response proving we didn't even…
  • I LOVED the Armour Bra for high impact (I play football) and still threw another compression over top just the help the shoulder pads fit better. BUT (and I"'m curious if you have found this): - the straps are terrible. They don't stay put at all anymore! Now I barely have any support and the "bounce is back" so to speak.…
  • But like lots of people, I haven't "cut" anything out... heck, I had pizza for lunch today. Mmmm pizza.
  • Yuuuup entire pizzas. I still have "weak moments" where I'll eat half a pizza or something. But I acknowledge it, don't dwell on it, and move on.
  • A modified workout A today. I have tendonitis in my shoulder so occasionally I'll use dumbbells instead to stop my left shoulder from overcompensating for my right. Squats: 1x10 @ 45; [email protected]; 1x5 @ 135; 5x5 @ 180 - These felt pretty good Dumbbell bench (3 sec down, 2 sec hold, 1 sec up): 1x5 @ 50 (total); 1x5 @ 70; 4x5 @…