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    I have worn a fitbit flex for a year and a half or more. While it's not needed to be active and lose weight, and if money is an issue for you, don't get one. If you an afford it, the little device is such fun. It motivates me to move and I look for that vibration at the end of the day when I've me my goals. I have also learned about my sleep quality and have made changes to sleep better. It also syncs to MFP so my activity is there. You an also compete with others and join challenges, etc. I'm not in to that, but for folks who are, what fun!
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    Oh and just so you know the vivofit has a year long battery life which is pretty cool too
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    Has anyone tried Moov? Lots of features are appealing, including the cardio punch program and the cost. Thoughts?
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    I have the fitbit flex. One of the best things I have ever found for me, although it makes me feel lazy. It shows me how many steps I've walked, I can link it to myfitnesspal and update and set goals. It has a sleep mode to track my sleep activity. Definitely worth the $100.
  • Anyone have the jawbone up24?? I really want to get one but I've read some bad reviews about them breaking after only 2-3 months... Anyone have any insight? Thanks!!
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    I have the Fitbit flex (which is waterproof and you can wear it while swimming) I use it solely for the challenges (warning for steps to count your arm must be moving, so it's not good on some workout equipment). I have a polar 7 heart rate monitor (while the chest strap) that I use while working out to get as accurate as possible in my calorie burns). Do you need either to lose weight no, in fact I got the polar device to slow down my loss numbers to a healthy 2 pounds per week (instead of 3-4).
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    Thank you all for your replys on this I am looking to use it to see just how my body is working. Thanks again all you guys help
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    I'm waiting for the iwatch!!!
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    Jawbone Up! It syncs with MFP
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    I have used the Jawbone UP24 (after 3 of the first UPs broke) since August. It does motivate me to move more. Since I got a treadmill desk, I average nearly 30,000 steps per day. It's fun to look at trends (which the UP tracks for days, weeks, and months). The UP 24 isn't perfect, but it works for me.
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    My Garmin GPS run watch has a tracker in it, and it provides some cool info. I'm not 100% sure how useful all the metrics will be in the long run. There are already several studies basically saying that they don't raise people's success in the long run. That being said, if it motivates you, grab one. There is a service online that lets you try out five of them. I can't remember the name of the service, but it should be easy to google, or I saw it on CNet.
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    I have an up24 that I really like. It's easy to use and helps me stay motivated to keep moving.
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    I had a fitbit one and loved it. It motivated me to keep up my steps and goals in general, until I lost it. I recently bought myself a Fitbit Surge. More expensive, but worth it IMHO. Waterproof to 5 ATM means it should meet most people's swimming needs. I haven't worn a wrist watch in almost 15 years, and thought it would bother me a bit, but so far so good. I really like the continuous heart rate monitoring the best. I think not having a chest band while working out and being able to track my resting heart rate and see it improve is helpful.
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    M_from_PA wrote: »
    I have used the Jawbone UP24 (after 3 of the first UPs broke) since August. It does motivate me to move more. Since I got a treadmill desk, I average nearly 30,000 steps per day. It's fun to look at trends (which the UP tracks for days, weeks, and months). The UP 24 isn't perfect, but it works for me.

    I'm on my second replacement of the UP24 after the first 2 were defective. The company will be responsive to you if you make a stink. It took 3 months for them to replace the first one, but only a week for the current one.

    I still track my workouts using my HRM because activity trackers, like MFP, are too optimistic in what you get as a burn for cardio. It's also supposed to sync with MFP and does take in the food, but not the water (which it should, according to UP).

    I like having it for the teammates and it does remind me to get up every hour, but I had to set it not to hound me about my sleep (or lack of it). And it's not waterproof, which is a problem since I take and teach aqua fitness and Aqua Zumba.

    All in all, I've decided to keep it until the Apple watch comes out.
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    I have a MisFit Flash - it is waterproof and lasts 4-6 months with no charging required (it uses a common button cell battery). I can't talk about how it works with the iPhone (although it does) but I've been using it with my Android since I got it in October and I love it. I'm really satisfied with it - I can clip it to me, stick it in the wristband, or put it in my pocket. Also, you don't have to put it in sleep mode since it does that automatically (and it's pretty accurate with the time, too). I've seen it on sale a couple of times lately for $24.99, but it's regularly $49.99. The app syncs with MFP, as well as several different apps/services. The tracker itself doesn't sync automatically, but it will show you your progress if you click it. I usually wait until the end of the day to sync and use IFTTT to export my daily summaries to a spreadsheet for long-term trend tracking. I also used the Pebble Watch version of the MisFit app for a while, but since I wear my watch on the "wrong" hand, I had a lot of inaccurate activity, so I figured it was worth getting the actual device instead (but the Pebble is also waterproof).
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    Wow, it seems like almost everyone who has experience with Jawbone has had serious issues. Even the positive reviews seem like some variation of "it works great after I received my second replacement". I'm nervous about the upcoming UP3; I currently use the excellent BodyMedia FIT, but Jawbone bought them out and my free subscription is up soon. The FIT has what I consider very accurate tracking, and I'd like to continue using this superior technology but I'm not sure whether I want to deal with Jawbone's spotty track record on quality. I'm starting to lean towards a FitBit Charge HR..
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    anyone tried those twelve dollar pivot trackers? I have my Garmin, but it's almost worth the twelve bucks to me just to see one in person.
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    Anyone out there has insight on the misfit shine?
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    I would not get a Charge as it seems to use a similar charging port to the Force, and mine fried after a 5km run. They didn't address my issue and I had to send it via the recall. And it took three months.

    I now have a Polar M400 for the different activities, HRM monitoring, gps tracking, and incredible battery life - and I love it. SO much more bang for your buck. I do miss the Fitbit community though and comparing my steps with my friends.
  • I have the Jawbone UP Move, which is a much cheaper version (about $40). I have had it for almost a month and I love it. It does steps, you can enter your workout (you set the timer on the UP Move and then tell the app what you did), and it tracks your sleep. I got the Move so that I could see if I would like having an activity tracker, and I totally love it. It's motivated me to move a lot more than just my morning workout. Definitely been a good thing for me! Good luck to you, whatever you decide.