Ok I'm doing it.

Ok, so Friday I gave up a life long addiction to sodas of all kinds. Ugh it was a long weekend. Last night I ate my last candy and 11:00 pm snack. Nothing after 8:00 pm and no junk food. Keep me in your prayers :p


  • dsmay03
    dsmay03 Posts: 13 Member
    You can do it!!!
  • arrrrjt
    arrrrjt Posts: 245 Member
    Drink lots and lots of water. Add lemon for flavour! =)
  • Francl27
    Francl27 Posts: 26,373 Member
    Last candy ever? Why? With 100 pounds to lose, there's no reason why you can't fit a bit of candy in your day.
  • mkdm291
    mkdm291 Posts: 139 Member
    I swapped soda for naturally flavored seltzers. I have come to find it much more refreshing! Best of luck!
  • 2snakeswoman
    2snakeswoman Posts: 655 Member
    Don't listen to naysayers. If candy or soda is your downfall, don't even buy it; that's my philosophy. You can add it again later when you feel you have better control of your eating habits. I've found that I can't have 1 serving of tortilla chips or I'll have "just 1 more" through the rest of the day. I hate that a food has that power over me, but it does.