Best activity tracker to buy?

I want to get an activity tracker, to use when I'm in the gym doing PT sessions to track my calories etc. What is the best one out there? I've looked on FitBit but don't know which one would be best, I don't just want to track my steps, I want to track any activity I do and the calories whether it's walking, running or boxing! :smile:


  • BananableLector
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    I have the FitBit flex and it only "real time" tracks Running, Walking and Hiking. Other exercises you have to track mannual as "previous" entries. Also to sucessfully link it with MyFitnessPal you only track sleeping, walking with the FitBit. Food, exercise and anything else you track on the MFP app. The information you input into the FitBit app when it comes to food calories does not transfer to MFP app. Hope that helps in your decision.
  • kalamitykate83
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    Thank you @‌BananableLector

    See, now I want one which tracks whatever you do. So if I'm jumping up and down etc it'll track the calories being burnt!
  • arrrrjt
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    I have a Polar M400 - which I love, although it has a heart rate strap so not super ideal. My Fitbit Force stopped working after a sweaty run, so I can't endorse them.
    If I wanted constant heart rate monitoring, I would go with the basis peak.
  • gaelowyn_pt_duex
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    fit bit will track jumping. I move my arm up and down fast enough, it will count it as a step. also- even when my arm that I wear it on is pretty stationary(as when pushing a grocery cart or lawn mower) it tracks steps from vibrations or something.. it "knows"!! when I do piyo- it tracks some of the motion, but I still add the workout to MFP and it syncs with my fitbit. You can track food, activity/exercise and heart rate with a fit bit(not sure which one tracks HR, it's NOT the flex). Fitbit food database is much smaller though, that's why I sync with MFP and use fitbit as activity/sleep tracker and MFP as food and additional exercise tracker. between the two i feel pretty well covered. and it really doesn't take me all that long to enter in anything on MFP, especially now that i've uploaded a ton of my recipes into it. There are several other activity trackers out there, I've talked with folks who have a Garmin.. they like it. I think its the one that will "remind you" when you haven't moved in a while.. could be helpful. Good luck!
  • kaybee9489
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    You might like the fitbit charge HR. It does the traditional fitbit functions like counting steps, etc. but it also has a HR feature which would recognize when you were doing more strenueous exercises (whether they involve running like your normal fitbit would). As far as a more specific HR monitor the polar ones are great but for an every day activity tracker that also captures workouts, definitely look into the FitBit Charge HR.

    Of note, if you go with this one (they can be hard to find right now!), the small is REALLY small. My fiancee and I both got larges and I am an average sized woman and he is a small structured male.

    Good luck!
  • shelbyfit72
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    I like my polar f4-i have fitbit one for steps-but I when I am lifting-and also when running-I feel with the 2 I have all bases covered-I would diffently recommended polar for more intense workouts good luck whatever u choose
  • I have a Polar Loop. Nice activity track. However, if I had to recommend one, I would probably get the Polar M400 that a previous poster mentioned. My eye is on their V800 but you didn't mention cycling or swimming which the V800 does in addition to running.

    You don't have a built in HR monitor with either, but a chest strap is far more accurate. See this link for just one minor look at the difference between chest strap and wrist strap monitoring (

    Both usually are part of a package with the Polar H7, a Bluetooth smart chest strap, that not only connects to your activity monitor, but also newer bluetooth capable phones and almost all newer cardio equipment at the gym. It's extremely versatile and I absolutely love mine.
  • dougpconnell219
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    I have the fitbit charge hr. I love it. It is reasonably accurate and tracks all day, unlike a polar.
  • FitCattitude
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    Polar V800 tracks 24/7, and very accurate.
  • kalamitykate83
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    Thanks everyone :smile:
  • jflaur71
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    I have a Polar V800...coupled with HRM Love it...Use it for Strength Training, Cycling, Running, Rowing and pretty much everything else I do. It also tracks swimming but Have not tried that yet. Support for MFP is coming!! Update for App should be out by end of March...which will be great to have all the info auto transferred. Polar Flow is a pretty detailed app in itself.
  • Timshel_
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    You will get a lot of pro and con posts on each unit. I have had great success and some not so great success lately with Fitbit, but I did like my Garmin units as well.

    I would say, buy what looks like it has the features you want.

    Make sure to touch and feel it in person to see if displays and functions are what you think they are.

    Buy it and run it through paces for a month and if it doesn't live up to your expectations, return it. A month is more than enough time for it to work well for you.