Can you tell the difference?



  • quietanimal
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    You look great! And I can definitely see a difference.
  • DoubleTheLove
    DoubleTheLove Posts: 42 Member
    You'd have to be blind not to see a difference! You look fantastic. Great work!
  • luv4daffy
    luv4daffy Posts: 3 Member
    You absolutely can tell the difference!! Great work!! Slow and steady means you'll keep it off and have made changes that you can stick to. Keep it up!!
  • arrrrjt
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    Huge difference! I'm a slow loser (ha) like you and I have the same problems. Get some!
  • akern1987
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    You can so tell, especially around your middle. I'm sure it's because it's been a slow process. I can tell you, I have a lot to lose, and it can be so discouraging sometimes to work so hard and have no one notice. I've been at this seriously almost four months now, and I've lost 15lbs that I'm super excited about, but I'm celebrating on my own, lol. I know that it takes others much longer to notice, but don't worry, you are doing great! stick to it!!
  • chel325
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    arrrrjt wrote: »
    Huge difference! I'm a slow loser (ha) like you and I have the same problems. Get some!

    Oh yes being a slow loser can be so daunting when you see so many who lose 100+ in a year!

    what's good that I've noticed is when I do fall off the wagon and eat badly, I NEVER GAIN THE WEIGHT BACK. I always only maintain! Which is crazy! So sometimes it's good to be a slow loser :P
  • TasnimEz
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    Big difference! Great work :smile:
  • titotito48
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    I think you look much smaller. But you are right, if it was a very gradual loss, people that see you all the time will think you were always that small.
  • awakenbeauty51
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    Lady! You ABSOLUTELY can tell! You☝ look amazing! Affirm yourself, even if no one else speaks affirmations to you. Your hard work is paying off. Congratulations!
  • ashleybreanna13
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    HUGE difference! Wonderful job!
  • rebeccaEsmith
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    In the hips for sure
  • Jillish23
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    Show the same photo to your friends and family then they'll soon see the change. I am very envious of your new found shape and your long lasting commitment! ;) Great work!❤
  • shadowconn
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    You've lost half your chest and hips.
  • Dex_
    Dex_ Posts: 50 Member
    Definitely smaller all over, 62lbs - that's amazing!
  • Zeldamoon
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    You can see a dramatic difference. I first noticed it in your thighs, chest and stomach. I bet you're solid as a rock. And think about how healthy your heart is now. Like a cavity, we see the damage done with excess sugar etc. We may not see all of that right away with poor eating habits. Remember, you're on this journey because you wanted to be. And now it is a lifestyle. You know what your body does well with and to get back on track if you decide to cheat one day. It's by not getting on that wagon again that we gain the weight back. Do me a favor. I am serious. Get a really good friend and go to the super market or Costco. Maybe even the local hardware store. Bring a carriage. You will need it. It's better to do this on off hours.
    Go to the pet section and find a 30 pound bag of dog food. This is perfect because it molds to your body. Just like weight. You cannot use the cart until the end. Start carrying that bag of dog food around the aisles. When you cannot deal with it anymore trade off to your friend. She probably will not be as strong as you which is better. Walk around the entire store. For about 45 minutes. Up and down the aisles. Slowly. Keep passing the bag of food between each other. In the end you will be VERY happy you brought the cart. Now step back and visualize- you lost TWICE that amount!!!!!!! You will laugh a lot. Prepare for that. And you will beg. And groan. Please let us know how it goes. You will never doubt "if you can see the weight difference" ! Bless you. You look fantastic.
  • saralthrash
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    Big difference! Way to go!
  • paulandrachelk
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    HUGE!!! Your middle and legs are much, much smaller. If you still have the first dress, try it on and see what it looks like.
  • chel325
    chel325 Posts: 199 Member
    HUGE!!! Your middle and legs are much, much smaller. If you still have the first dress, try it on and see what it looks like.

    I wish I did but this was in 2013~

    Thank you all, you're all so nice with all these encouraging comments. I look at this thread and pic when I want to skip a workout and order chinese!