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  • Some nonfat foods taste absolutely horrible. Light sour cream is okay.
  • I can't lock cabinets or the fridge. It's theirs. I don't have a door, so I can't put a lock or alarm anywhere. The worst episode was I got fully dressed, makeup on and made my Dad drive me to Wal-Mart at 3am. The psychiatrist said to deal with it because those meds are the best treatment. As far as adding the wrappers up,…
  • I can't move out. I have severe disabilities and am reliant on Social Security. I barely make enough to pay basic bills and co-pays for medications. As far as the doctor, I have bi-polar disorder and those meds make me very sleepy. I'm pretty sure meds cause the sleeping walking, but I have no choice. I have to take those…
  • Yes. I've been asking her for years. But, I get the same answer and that is her house and she'll do what she wants. My whole family is overweight. Mom had gastric bypass 27 years ago and I had gastric sleeve in 2013. She lost a lot but never below 250. My dad is about 400. I went from 221 to 170 in a year and a half, but…
  • Thank you, CyberTone! I will check out those links.
  • Ice, sugar free chocolate syrup, strawberries, blueberries, pretty much any berry, orange juice with berries. I drank mine today with unflavored protein powder, one scoop of chocolate Slim Fast, 5 strawberries and ice. It was great.
  • Haha!!! Nice. I swear there's a guy at the my gym that looks like, and does, that exact move!!!
  • HA! Mine are more like hazelnuts. I will have to check out Boob-eeze. Thanks for the info.
  • Nope, not trolling. I guess it's just something I'll have to live with. It is just weird, when I am doing a set of shoulder presses and my (as I call them, my second set of eyes) are staring me down. I can't afford expensive bras. That's why I double and triple up on the three-pack sport bras from Wal-Mart. I think I'm…
  • Eh, no worries. I just did crunches, then flipped over and did push-ups.
  • BTW, don't worry about the "obese", blah, blah, blah label. I loathe charts, graphs, etc. You do what works for you and ignore the labels.
  • Yes. In fact, you might need to be eating MORE!! This is where TDEE comes in.
  • Hmm. Have you adjusted your activity level on your goals page? I think it even lists nurse as an example. It's mostly trial and error. You will find what works for you. :flowerforyou:
  • I agree with trudi. I think in your case, it would be better to make the calculations and go from there and use your device as a secondary/guide to see how much you are burning. Try the TDEE method for a week or two and see what happens. Use your device more as a pedometer (sorry, I'm not too keen on what a Fitbit does).
  • Firstly, are you wearing a bodybugg/bodymedia device to monitor your daily burn or are you using a heart rate monitor? A heart rate monitor is not a tool to use all day. It is best used while exercising. You will not get an accurate calorie burn from a HRM solely. A bodymedia device is specifically made for this. No, you…
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  • Thanks guys. I'm glad to hear about the Cuban lifts. It's nice to know I'm not the only one. As for the deadlifts, I like the idea of using smaller plates. I found that I had to lower my weight using a wider grip. I will continue doing the ab work. It can't hurt, right?
  • Welcome. I share your stats. I am 4' 11 and shrinking (length wise, not width wise). I was at my heaviest over right before Christmas. Though I have been on this site since 2009, I have yet to actually go "[email protected] to the wall" and get going with the program. I have lost 9 lbs, give or take. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis,…
  • I started Stage 2 on Wednesday. My diet is pretty awful, but I have managed to lose a couple of pounds. Mostly though, I have lost inches and have started to see a lot more definition in my legs. I will take measurements when Aunt Flo hits the road. I'm curious to see what other responses will be. I too, don't want awesome…
  • Squishy strong. Veins everywhere kinda scares me. But, I also hate outweighing a guy (and being able to lift more).
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  • Thanks guys. I joined a group and there's another MFP'er that is helping me with spreadsheets. The plan is to start this next week. Hopefully my RA plays nice with me!!
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  • I have been a swimmer for 16 years. I started in college and swam 2 years for my college team. I now compete with US Masters Swimming. Nope, never lost a pound. All of my workouts now average 2500-3000 meters daily. I was swimming 5 days a week, but a few months ago, switched it up to include Zumba, a weight lifting…
  • A new one for me tonight: during Zumba tonight, this woman right next to me was popping and snapping her chewing gum so loud that I couldn't hear the music! I actually wished she would've choked on it. (That's mean, I know, but it was so annoying). And the ever present problem of people NEVER putting the equipment away or…