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  • So, have you been eating non-GMO food for your entire life, then? Or did you just decide to try and avoid it once you learned it existed? News flash: You've been eating GMO food since before you knew there was GMO food.
  • I already said I have no problem with the GMO label itself. The problem is that people will remain ignorant, and their ignorance will be exacerbated by the false notion that their awareness of a label equals education. Just because you see the GMO label on an item doesn't mean you're educated about GMO's.
  • Your herbal ma huang supplement could have been saw dust and toenail clippings for all you knew. If anything, the FDA should increase its regulation in the supplement industry. Sure, label GMO's, but don't fool yourself into thinking that you--or anyone else--is educated by a label. Do you want an ingredients list for your…
  • Have you developed your cold-resistant super powers yet? I sure haven't. :( I thought I was supposed to absorb the powers of my adversaries by ingesting their flesh!
  • Did you miss the part where the supplement industry was deregulated by lobbyists and supported by millions of voters who literally wrote to their Congressmen to tell them not to allow the FDA to increase regulations? That is what the 'educated' citizenry did. Shot themselves in the feet. Most people don't even know the…
  • RePOOPulant (I kid you not)--an oral supplement of bacteria extracted from human fecal matter--has been effective in treating C. diff, which you may know is an extremely virulent pathogenic bacteria common in hospital infections. You can crap yourself to death with C. diff. Family members usually donate their feces and a…
  • If you think adding a label to a package equates to educating the public, you have far more faith in humanity than I do! ;) I don't have anything against the labeling itself, but here's the problem: The Timing. 10 years ago, adding a GMO label would have meant little or nothing to the public. Most people didn't even know…
  • Yes, just finished my doctorate in Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise. My dissertation was on probiotics and metabolism...I know about what the FDA can and cannot do.
  • I think you are confusing food regulations with nutritional/dietary supplement regulations. The FDA regulates current GMO foods in the same way as non-GMO foods because the GMO products have already been tested for potential allergenic and teratogenic properties and none have been found. (New products would have to hold up…
  • Actually, in developing countries, yes. Check out the Golden Rice Project, for instance. GMO rice that contains beta carotene to prevent lethal vitamin A deficiency in women and children in developing countries whose main subsistence crop is rice. Also in developed countries. Where do you think we get insulin? We aren't…
  • Um. I really don't think you actually want to know that. I mean, unless you have a very strong stomach. Just the amount of noxious stuff you put into your body by touching your face after touching a doorknob is bad enough. The things you ingest...oh man. Hope you're washing all of your produce with soap and water! :wink:…
  • You may have to try a few different calculators and then stick to a given calorie amount for a couple weeks and watch your inches/scale/clothing fit, etc. Also, wherever you live sounds awesome. :)
  • Me too, but I have never posted a picture lol, too paranoid :) Hm, it looks like the skirt might be higher in the 2nd pic? And I agree that it doesn't necessarily look bigger, but it looks like you've picked it up and rounded it out.
  • Hey, I think I've seen you on reddit! Not to be creepy lol :) Your rear looks more lifted in the last picture. I can't tell about much else because your outfit is different and you're standing with a slightly taller back in the last picture as well. You have definitely gained a more shapely rear. 132 lbs is an amazing loss!
  • I WANT TO FOLLOW THE CAKEOLOGY DIET Please I want cake please
  • Well it was storming so I didn't get to do my run, but I did skip as my warmup for an intense lower body workout. It was way harder than I had anticipated. I strongly recommend it! My calves were really burning.
  • Haha, I can't jump rope at all! Skipping is much easier :)
  • Eat SO MANY VEGETABLES and drink LOTS of water. Every week I buy the following and within 5 days I have eaten it all by making just 5 salads (lunch each day) 1 big head green or red leaf lettuce a bag of mini bell peppers or 3 bell peppers, whichever is on sale a package of grape tomatoes an avocado a cucumber I use…
  • I'm only 5'0, so for me a 30-lb weight loss brought be from a size 12 to a size 2/4.
  • Darn, someone beat me to it! Saw that earlier today.
  • To work your glutes without using your quads, you can do stiff-legged deadlifts and hip thrusts. Strength training is important for runners--it prevents overuse injuries by working muscles in different ways, uses full range of motion unlike running which improves flexibility, utilizes smaller stabilizer muscle groups that…
  • 10% is commonly used because that level of weight reduction is the point at which health improvements are seen...aka lowered blood pressure, improved lipids and insulin sensitivity, etc. It doesn't sound like a lot, but losing 32 lbs of adipose tissue would have a big metabolic effect.
  • Most of these studies define 'success'. For instance, success could be defined as maintaining a loss of 10% of your original body weight for 2 years. If you weighed 300 lbs and lost 30 and kept it off for two years, you would be considered successful. If you lost 100 lbs--33% of your bodyweight--then gained 20, bringing…
  • But that is only for one to two years. Less than 10% maintain it for 7 years...we are rapidly approaching that 5%. The rates are extremely low. Abysmal is an opinion. This specific study found these results based on the data analyzed. Other reviews or meta-analyses may have reached different conclusions based on their…
  • Here's one stating only 20% can maintain a 10% weight loss for 2 years: Less than 10% can maintain weight loss for 7 years: Another one stating that 20% of individuals can…
  • Even with perfect use, calipers have an error range of 3-5%. Go by the inches and visual appearance--the pictures won't lie (as long as you use the same outfit, room and lighting).
  • I have a BodyMedia armband (now joined with Jawbone apparently). I also have a Garmin 310xt. They serve totally different purposes. The BodyMedia tracks my activity and sleep, while the Garmin paces my runs. The BodyMedia armband has been tested against gold standards of caloric expenditure (doubly labeled water) and been…
  • On the topic of children dying, here is some actual information on the golden rice project. Golden rice is a GMO--rice with added beta carotene to provide vitamin A. Golden rice would never occur in nature and these individuals do not have easy access to foods abundant in vitamin A.…
  • According to the CDC there have been nearly 300 cases of measles just this year. They are higher than of the previous 20 entire *years*. One of the most deadly and easily-preventable diseases.
  • Haha, I wish I could 'like' this! :) Love your weightloss ticker.