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  • Hi all, I would love to add a few more friends on Endomondo and MFP. If you are looking, please add me!
  • I'm looking for friends on EveryMove as well. Please send a message and let's work together! Oh, and I am a good, consistent supporter on MFP as well.
  • That's a really fun race, too.
  • I don't like running much either, but I do enjoy "running" a 5K, especially with my kids. Like you, I run some, and I walk some. Years ago, I trained for and ran a few marathons using the Galloway method. It's really interval training, and you can set the intervals to what you like. But for your first 5K, just enjoy it,…
  • Absolutely. I have a half pound to go, and I know I would never have gotten hear without MFP. I'm beginning to think of it as basic hygiene. Brushing my teeth, keeping clean, washing my hands are important ways to keep healthy. I got healthier by keeping track of what I put in my mouth. Why would I stop.
  • Washington, or as I like to call them, "The Team Which Shall Not Be Named"
  • Congratulations! Great perseverance pays off.
  • I like your approach. For me, I think actually counting calories, no matter how I measure portion size, will continue to be a key, with two notes: 1) I'm not at maintenance yet, but I will be soon. Maintenance may (or may not) be a whole new ballgame. 2) Everyone is different. Find what works for you. Have fun!
  • For me, health was a big motivator. Diabetes runs in the family. I already had gout and hypertension. Cardiovascular disease was only a matter of time. I also have my family to consider. I am a (slightly) older father, and I want to live to see my children grow up and become (I hope) happy adults. Losing weight is no…
  • You have some good advice here: Your "adventure" is temporary. Enjoy it for the duration and know that you can make adjustments when you get to the end. I know that it's hard to manage calories when you go into a new situation--think of the dreaded freshman 15. At least your tracking lets you see what you are doing. I…
  • I had two this weekend. First, I bought a new belt. I plan to wear this one out. Second, it was chilly watching my son's baseball game. My darling wife cuddled up close for some warmth. She jumped back after squeezing my arm, and said, "Hey, you have a muscle!". She cracks me up!
  • Don't quit. Don't ever quit. Even if you have bad days, or weeks, or months, every day you are on track is a victory. The more victories you put together, the better results you will have, but even if you are not consistently on track, every day -- every meal -- is an opportunity to do well.
  • I have been using the Fitbit One for more than a year and I really like it. It helps motivate met to be active and gives some idea of how active I am. I don't think the calories are 100% accurate, but I simply take that into account as I work through the day.
  • First off, don't quit. Even if you have a bad day or a bad week, get back on track as soon as you can. Look, life happens, and timing, stress, opportunity, celebrations can all get in the way. We each do the best we can to avoid them, but, life just happens. Your response to the "bad day" on Sunday was perfect! I like to…
  • I hear you! Getting active with my kids and being around for them for a long time were two of my biggest motivators. Thank goodness I have been successful with MFP so far. My secrets to success: 1) Don't stress about it. In fact, make it a bit of a game (can I hit my target today? How about for the week?) 2) Don't give up.…
  • You were right, Dog! Rebooting the phone seems to have resolved the issue! Thanks.
  • I tried adjusting the GPS settings on the phone. No luck. I tried rebooting the phone. Success!
  • Nice loss. I can really see a difference. And you have a brilliant smile. :smile:
  • I like to bank some calories beforehand when I know I have an event coming up, especially if it is going to test my discipline. Also, you KNOW that there is going to be a salt kick from Mexican. Whatever increase you have the day or two after, you know it will go away quickly with good eating and plenty of water. Have fun!…
  • You look FABULOUS! Congratulations and stay strong!
  • The main reason I am trying to lose weight is for myself and my family. I care what others thing, its just not a driving factor for me. I also know how difficult it is for me to stay motivated for a long time. So to save myself embarrassment when I fall off the wagon, I pretty much kept it to myself. I was disappointed…
  • Welcome to MFP. It's a great resource and easy to use. One of the things I like most is the flexibility. There are many different philosophies and approaches to using MFP. I have been very succesful. I started by just entering my calories. Then I started trying to stay under my goal on a weekly basis. Now, I am dedicated…
  • I'm planning to log, although I may give up at dinner time. I have been pushing pretty hard for the last couple of weeks to have some momentum going into the holidays, because I know I will go over on at least a few days. Best of luck to all of you.
  • Amazing. Congratulations. Y'all are an inspiration to Jane and me.
  • It really depends on what you want to get out of it. I don't think it is accurate enough to use for calculating calories, but it is better than nothing. I generally eat back about half of the calories MFP picks up from Fitbit. On the other hand, it really motivates me to move. I compete with myself and against the goals…
  • It's a great story Trisha. Thanks for sharing. I'm very proud to be your "Pal" and proud of what you have accomplished.
  • Congratulations. Those are some awesome results. You look very happy.