Tips for someone who keeps falling off the horse



  • PaulFields56
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    First off, don't quit. Even if you have a bad day or a bad week, get back on track as soon as you can. Look, life happens, and timing, stress, opportunity, celebrations can all get in the way. We each do the best we can to avoid them, but, life just happens. Your response to the "bad day" on Sunday was perfect!

    I like to treat it as a game. I win if I'm under my calories goal. Can I win today? If not today, can I win this week?

    Don't be afraid to search for what works for you. I got to a point where a 2 lb per week deficit was too extreme. I would be so hungry when I got home that I would have a hard time staying on track.

    It's not linear. Some weeks you will lose more, other weeks less, and sometimes, you might even gain a bit. If you keep doing the right things, you will make progress. It's all part of the process.

    I suspect that most people's biggest downfall in counting calories is portion size. If I had a minute for every person who claims to not lose weight while eating only 1200 calories per day, I would live forever. If you feel like you're eating at a deficit and you're not losing, check your portion size.

    Welcome to MFP, have fun.
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    keep your heels down
    grip with your legs
    sit heavy

    LMAO... This will work :laugh:

    My advise:

    Dont restrict yourself

    Everytime I tried weightloss, I thought of it as a diet, I cut out all the sugars, cakes, junk foods... And funny enough, I would crave these exact foods, I would give in and then binge on them... ruining all my hard work.

    I never liked the idea of calorie counting (sounded too hard)
    But this site makes it sooo easy

    Set a decent calorie goal (BMR or TDEE method.. or what ever works for you)
    treat yourself to your favourite - BAD Food - treat
    Measure and weigh EVERYTHING
    and most important
    Keep within your calorie goal... youll realise its easier than you thought

    Good luck
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    dont cut out ANY food, no matter what it is , work it into your calories, if i couldnt have my coffee and regular chocoalte , i would not make it through any new plan..

    figure out your food needs, 1500 calories is a very good place to start if you plan on working out or getting you 10k steps(5 miles) a day.

    get a fitness tool, fuel,jawbone,fitbit,misfit- WHATEVER heck even a 20.00 sportline is better than just GUESSING

    get a food scale, well worth the 20-30 bucks for a digital one, brand really doesnt matter,

    learn to stay dedicated, sit with this in your back ground instead of Facebook...
    get pinning every single inspirational thing on pinterest,

    talk to people about it, find a buddy, either online or face to face, better if its both , and they are someone you see at least 3-4 times a week.
    never underestimate the power of you!!!

    oh , and Really, think about Pat Parelli.
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    meh. .not worth the strike . .