Before and after pics in 8 months



  • mloumason
    mloumason Posts: 28 Member
    You look wonderful, younger, and so happy, you should be very proud of yourself.
  • PaulFields56
    PaulFields56 Posts: 108 Member
    Congratulations. Those are some awesome results. You look very happy.
  • 1longroad
    1longroad Posts: 642 Member
    Congratulations, you look fantastic!!! Your children are adorable!!!!
  • Great job!!! And great beard, too!
  • Awesome
    Congrats!! :smile:
  • ChrisM32205
    ChrisM32205 Posts: 218 Member
    That is amazing!
  • Wow don't you look great!!!! Congrats on such a successful journey. I'm sure you've been a big inspiration to everyone here and also setting a great example for your children and family. :flowerforyou:
  • TeresaMarie46
    TeresaMarie46 Posts: 226 Member
    A resounding WOW!!. You have achieved much. Congratulations to the new healthier you. Your children are most likely benefiting from your new found energy and enjoying time with their daddy. And speaking as a woman myself, I am pretty positive that your wife is just giddy about this new you, and enjoying the fact that in losing weight, you' ve increased your lifespan and thus your time with them.

    Congratulations on your successful journey.

    Best Wishes.
  • Congrats!1 You look awesome..
  • 1yoyoKAT
    1yoyoKAT Posts: 206 Member
    What an accomplishment, well done! It's a great gift that you've given to yourself and your family. You are positively glowing! Keep it up! :flowerforyou:
  • twinkleton
    twinkleton Posts: 63 Member
    Great story, well done you!!!!
  • ttiiggzz
    ttiiggzz Posts: 154 Member
    Congrats! Good lookin' kids you have there. :)
  • adenium11
    adenium11 Posts: 173 Member
    Congratulations on great success!
  • xxnellie146xx
    xxnellie146xx Posts: 996 Member
    Great work!
  • spbabu
    spbabu Posts: 5 Member
    Fantastic - and inspirational!
  • Wowww I just joint myfitnesspal and what a great way to start you jus became my inspiration :) congrats :p.

    Im trying to lose as much as can and hopefully with every bodys support here I will be able to maintain my goal I am tired of beign too tired to play with my almost 3 yrs old gir and feel horrible and uvly :(
  • AlexLittlewood
    AlexLittlewood Posts: 9 Member
    Amazing work pal, well done
  • Wow! Amazing job! Thanks for sharing, keep up the great work!
  • WaterBunnie
    WaterBunnie Posts: 1,370 Member
    That's fantastic, you look amazing!
  • P4arv
    P4arv Posts: 5
    Well done Paji. Excellent work a true inspiration. Keep it up.
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