Are you going to continue using MFP?



  • faithsimmons526
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    Absolutely. I can't be trusted. :blushing:
  • asdowe13
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    This time yes, at least for a lot longer than last time. After losing 20+ pounds the first stint and stopped using it thinking i could lose the next 50 without it. This tool will let help keep me accountable to myself. will i still be using this site 2 - 5 -10 years from now? Maybe, maybe not.
  • soxobsessed
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    lifer here
  • berkra
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    as long as you can hold on to your healthy habits there is no need to continue to log...
    But most people I saw on here that had great success loosing weight had put it on somehow before...

    Did not work for me to stop logging...
    and I am back here again...

    scale is only one thing, as long as we are honest with ourselves than the tools we use do not matter...

    loving friend

    just a way of staying accountable
  • rhonderoo
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    I lost before using Weight Watchers online tool and logging, and thought I could stop because logging got tedious. I proceeded to gain it all back when the numbers weren't there for me to see. I know me, I don't have the willpower to maintain without some sort of accountability. Not only will I log, but I will be honest about how much, etc. I'm also one of those people that will have to weight daily, as I've been surprised by the scale (and my clothes) before after losing the habit.... I know weight fluctuates daily, but it doesn't fluctuate 5 - 10 lbs and that's how much I seem to be able to gain quickly at my height and metabolism. Plus, I'm an analyst, I love numbers and data. :P It's 5 minutes, and I have it on my computer, ipad and phone... and every food imaginable is in the database, there's really no excuse for me.
  • I started MFP in 2011 got down to my goal weight stopped using the site for personal reasons, I just rejoined this week because I felt like I needed a little more discipline and structure. I did do okay as far as keeping the weight off for the most part, by applying all the things I learned from this site. I won't say I'll continue forever but it will be my go to tool if I ever feel I need a little extra help and motivation.
  • LianaG1115
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    LOL I took 2 weeks off and gained 10 lbs...I am a lifer now!!
  • Spnneil06
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  • ucabucca
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    I started MFP on maintan not loosing and have friends that are in same path I log daily but thats because I do not feel hunger It is so easy with phone but others I know use it to spot check a few days at least a month and just keep up with friends and helping others or learning new things. It is all a personal path
  • SteampunkSongbird
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    Once I reach my goal weight, I will switch to maintenance and continue to log for as long as MFP exists.
  • Ftw37
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    Sorry if this has been asked before... I'm sure it has. I'm just wondering -- I'm about 10 lbs away from my goal weight, and I've been thinking about what I will do after I get to that point. Using MFP has played a HUGE role in my weight loss, and I'm a little nervous to stop using it. I've been on here for 11 months, and by now I do have a pretty good idea about the calorie amount in different portions of different foods I eat the most. But, I'm afraid that I'll slowly start underestimating the amount of calories I'm totaling per day, and weight will creep back on. Ideally, I'd like to not be tied to manually logging my food intake for the rest of my life... but it makes me scared not to. I'm just not sure what to do. For those of you that have maintained, do you still log every day?

    I'm going to keep using MFP for the foreseeable future.

    Logging my food has helped me lose weight, for sure.
  • gromithere
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    I stopped logging the FIRST time I lost weight with MFP and realized I was gaining it back. This time now that I am at my goal, I am going to keep logging so it doesn't happen again.
  • Mikkimeow
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    Not sure I would ever stop using MFP, I have found some amazing smelly funny awesome friends on here that I wouldn't trade for the world.

    As far as logging food, pssshhh yeah probably.+
  • KrzyGal
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    I am fine with my weight, now. I was using MFP to gain weight due to stress taking over and getting too thin for my health. MFP is now part of my daily routine so I'd feel like I was forgetting something if I didn't use the app. :) I figure it will keep me in tune with not only what I'm consuming but how much I'm burning off too.
  • liekewheeless
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    Haven't been here that long, but I'm not going anywhere for now. I know I don't have handle on my intake yet
  • mmd575
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    I've been hovering around my goal weight for a few years now. I do bulk/cut cycles to gain muscle and lose fat so I still need to keep my calories fairly precise. I think the fact that I continue to improve my physique despite having got my weight to where it needed to be is part of the reason I have kept my weight off. I would not stop logging until you have at least maintained for as long as it took you to take the weight off. Even then I'd start logging again if you find yourself putting the weight back on. I would most certainly keep weighing yourself once a week. According to the National Weight Control Registry (a group that tracks people who've lost weight and kept it off) weighing ones self at least once a week was once of the traits they found common among those who've kept the weight off.

    You are so right! I agree with the time you provided for when you should stop logging. It took a person this long to learn how to lose it, now they have to take the same amount of time to adjust to maintenance.
  • BlueBombers
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    Yup, hit maintenance around January and still log every day. It helps me to stay on track and not lose focus so I don't go back to my old habits.
  • PaulFields56
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    Absolutely. I have a half pound to go, and I know I would never have gotten hear without MFP.

    I'm beginning to think of it as basic hygiene. Brushing my teeth, keeping clean, washing my hands are important ways to keep healthy. I got healthier by keeping track of what I put in my mouth. Why would I stop.
  • Crawflowr
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    I started MFP 3 years ago, lost 37lbs in 6 months and have continued using it ever since. I guess I'm a bit OCD but I like the reassurance that I'm in control. I eat over some days, under some days and roughly balance over the week. I've found as long as I'm close to my goal over a week I won't put on weight. Occassionally I have a week or so when I just enjoy myself (over xmas or on holiday) and eat what I fancy, after which I've usually put on about 4 lbs, I then just tighten up my logging a bit and usually get back to base within the month, no rush though. My diary is open, you'll see I don't eat clean in any shape or form, but my macros are usually close to balanced. I'm happy with where I am.