Is your weight loss journey being kept under wraps?



  • seltzermint555
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    Most people I know have noticed my weight loss by now. Only a few commented when I very very slowly (4 year period) went from 307 to 262. But the 50 lb I've lost on MFP has gone much more quickly (since March 25) so people seem to really take notice of it.

    I am not super public about it. I mostly talk about it to my mom, husband, best friend, and here on MFP.

    I post a lot of photos (not weight loss related) on facebook and I'm kind of surprised that NO ONE other than people who have seen me recently "in real life" has commented like, "Oh you're looking thinner, have you lost weight?" or anything like that. I post very few full body photos, so perhaps that accounts for a lot of it. I would NEVER have posted full body photos 50 or 100 lb heavier than I am now, so probably a lot of my fb friends haven't ever seen my body at its worst. And when I was much heavier, of course I only posted the most flattering selfies from "good" angles & such.
  • dunnodunno
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    Sometimes I wish it still could be. Don't get me wrong, it's nice to have people notice & congratulate you, but at times it can get overwhelming & annoying.
  • tapirfrog
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    When I started, I didn't even tell my husband. And I certainly don't talk about it to anyone else even now. I've had too many bad moments in the past with self-injury and eating disorders to want to clutter up my head with others' opinions. It's hard enough keeping it neat when it's just me in here. :)
  • I'm keeping my weight loss under wraps. I'm not telling anyone that I'm trying to loose weight until someone notices. Admittedly, I haven't lost too much, so people haven't noticed yet, but I'm not going to tell people until I feel like they need to know.
  • ElizabethFuller
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    I don't talk about diets and weight loss at home or at work. My husband knows I'm trying to lose weight and is very impressed by my weight loss graph but he's never been overweight in his life. He tries to be encouraging but it tends to come off as irritating, a constant "should you be eating that?" without understanding how my diet works. No one has commented that I look slimmer, but I don't care, this is my journey, only I can do this. With help and support from my MFP friends, of course.
  • KimberlyinMN
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    Well, I WAS keeping it under wraps but people noticed the weight loss. ;-)
  • Well done for your efforts so far.

    I'm similar in that I'm not telling people I am trying to lose weight. I've told a few close people that I'm eating less junk food, but that is about it.

    I feel the weight loss is totally by myself and for myself - I'm not doing it for other people. Same as with my running goals - I'm setting goals and trying to succeed for myself, not to please other people.
  • katieme
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    I'm just not talking about it at all, my OH is so sick of all the crash diet attempts I dont want to get in to an argument if he catches me even deviating slightly off plan. I dont need the stress!
  • jennz81
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    I've told very few people. I've only said anything to my parents, and my husband. My friends have started to catch on, and have commented. Otherwise, I've kept my mouth shut.
  • I haven't told anyone and im not planning to tell anyone.ppl are judgemental as it is.I don't have anyone in my FL whom I know personally.but im glad I found ppl who are on the same journey as me and the best part is they aren't judgemental.instead the support and motivate me
  • akoorn1982
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    I told my mum and she is actually starting to get interested in MFP as well. She is supportive but not asking every week how much I lost. She is also trying to take it in consideration when we eat together.
    I have shared it with one co worker as well, as she and I are on the same track: losing weight without being obsessive, just being supportive. I made the mistake to tell another coworker that I thought of going to the gym again (I am now!) and from that point, every time I ate a cookie or anything else 'unhealthy' she would ask me: would you really do that? She seems to think that losing weight equals not eating.
  • NaomiJFoster
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    I don't shut up about it.
  • Eli716
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    Well... most of my friends know about it, I tell them how much I've lost and what my progress is, but they've only seen one picture of my progress on facebook because I'm in another state from everyone I know. The only ones that get to see my progress is the household, some neighbors, and strangers. When I get to my ultimate goal, I'll visit everyone so they can see. :P
  • PaulFields56
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    The main reason I am trying to lose weight is for myself and my family. I care what others thing, its just not a driving factor for me. I also know how difficult it is for me to stay motivated for a long time. So to save myself embarrassment when I fall off the wagon, I pretty much kept it to myself.

    I was disappointed when no one noticed after I had lost 25 pounds, and only a few people had noticed after I had lost 40 poinds. It wasn't until I had lost 60 pounds (SIXTY, for cryin' out loud) that most people noticed. But I knew, and I was working hard for the right reasons.

    In the end, it took a lot longer for people to notice than I thought it would. But I won because I was hitting my goals-compliments are just icing on the cake.
  • arrseegee
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    I didn't announce it to people but once you've lost 25% of your body weight it's hard to keep it a secret.
  • mel4bee
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    I did not tell anyone, except my doctor, my therapist, my family because they live with me and they see me going, my boyfriend and the people who asked me if I lost some weight. Most of them are proud of me (lwell, my doctor just want me to have healthy habits with food which I have) It's something I did for me.
  • CynthiaT60
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    I'm not telling everybody (it's not everybody's business), but my BF knows, and one friend. I'll deal with the rest when they start noticing.
  • mamma_nee
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    I don`t like talking about it with anyone , I tried to wear my large clothes as far as I could till finally one day I was going up the stairs with laundry in my arms and my pants fell down to my knees !!!!! LOL Luckily it was only hubby who witnessed it . Next morning I went shopping in my closet to find better fitting clothes and thats when everyone started noticing and asking a thousands questions (I was down about 40 lbs at the time)
  • svsl0928
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    I have not made an announcement to family or friends. When they notice and ask me what I am doing, then I tell them. This is a life style change so it want to focus on where I am going and focus on permanent changes.
  • Rocky_ZG
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    I have told a few people...
    That way I am more motivated. It would be shameful to give up when they know about it :)