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  • Dry fasting over night is probably ok. Maybe 18/6. But. Water is needed to help break down fat. It’s very important. If you end up super hungry something isn’t ready to fast. Maybe cut back fasting time. First time I IFd itset me up to binge. I finally got my body/hormones straightened out then was able to do up to 72. Any…
  • I takes hot bath. Do yoga or Edmonds White stretches ride my horses clean crafts etc.
  • So I am a bit late to the challenge so it will run from May 16 - August 16 which actually works really well for me! I will shoot for 20 lbs in that time which puts me within 1 of my goal weight. I need a bit more accountability it seems this summer so I am looking forward to it! Start date : May 16 End date: August 16…
  • this week I have been working on when prompted by getting up I do my essentrics workout immediately and then I reward myself with a cup of coffee or tea - this week tea :-) today is Thursday and I have been doing this for 5 months now. It is very successful for me - today I had to change it as I pulled a muscle but I did…
  • I really like these! I have been focusing on other areas of my life not just weightloss so it is nice to see gratitude and sitting less there!!
  • if you do eat eggs and dairy adding some of those options help - Otherwise beans, tofu, what others have said - are their replacement bars for vegetarians that have a solid protein count? I know premier protein drink has 30 grams and its not that bad
  • No its not an option - I just count carbs and try to eat them from veg
  • make sure you are getting protein to build muscle and that you are getting enough to heal - your body needs calories to rebuild. And sorry you learned the hard way but I think we all do - yup overdoing it will set you back - just focus on maintenance calories and PT for now -
  • half and half with toriani syryp - right now a chocolate and raspberry mix - I am only having it on the weekends or when I need a major pick me up - google recipes low carb - it will give you ideas for homemade vanilla and also peppermint mocha for the holiday ;-)
  • roast beef with grilled peppers and onions and cougar crimson fire cheese - minus the bread a modified philly cheesesteak yum and oh so healthy!
  • My new years in August resolutions for this wee 1. Follow my carb cycling plan this week 2. meditate 5 minutes a day 3. HIIT for 20 minutes on MT and F (best macro days for HIIT) 4. 100 g protein a day 5. Do Esmonde-White for 20 minutes first thing in am and add in a plank just for fun!
  • Sounds like a good plan - I pretty much eat this way anyway probably 90% of the time - Happy to provide support . Is there a 100 days of real food group? You might check that too for accountability ;-)
  • I have friends that do heavy keto and they say the bulletproof coffee is not considered breaking the fast. Me I water fast then break my meal with a healthy lunch or dinner depending on when I started (usually I break it with dinner). I'm more primal than keto though but the principles seem to be the same - don't just…
  • Good job! I like IF also - I do two days usually during the week 16:8 or sometimes 24 hr just depends on what my body wants
  • I have 5 this week. Each week I reevaluate if they have become a habit - if so off one goes and on another. 1. I am changing diet up a bit as I had a stall for a week - do I modified my macros 2. HIIT training on M T and F as my macros will be higher carb those days 3. Mediate 5 minutes a day - up from 2 4. Get my 100 g of…
  • Nice looks like fun!!
  • Ive done several types - 16:8 a few days a week is good. Drink lots of water and get your protein and veg in :-)
  • So how do you feel? that is very low on calories - but - I get it this time of year it can be hard to eat in the heat. With your goal 1500 though 900 is too little. ask yourself - am I getting enough water to flush out the junk? how are your macros? Are you really keto? or does it just look like it Make sure you log every…
  • I just sautee up some shrimp in a table spoon of butter add garlic and red pepper flakes - sea salt and pepper. Reduce sauce to desired thickness - yummy!! Your shrimp sounds good too! I am hooked on chicken fajita salad right now - chicken breast cut into bits - sautee remove from pan put in bowl sprinkle with taco…
  • I really don't like boiled either - I like my veg al dente - roasted really brings out flavor - garlic and basil really change the taste - basil is surprisingly sweet - you can buy a tube at the store and just squirt a bit into your onion/pepper/potato dish for a change of taste.
  • I make double or quad recipes of - chicken Fajitas - use for filling or for salad Coconut chicken curry - portion out and freeze then bag - I freeze in a bowl then dump into a baggie or vac seal - use for soup or for dinner with rice jerky - just love homemade jerky portion it out with vac sealer or baggies your choice…
  • hi Mouse!! Sorry I stopped checking this group - any idea whats happened? Have you been riding this year? Just got back from a 9 hour trail ride :-)
  • I walk my butt off literally - go out and explore - check out the area - see the old houses watch how people interact - enjoy the farmers markets and small bakeries. I usually get in over 20K steps a day on vacation!! Sometimes I will work out in the am if I think I need to do some lifting and weights are available - but…
  • I really dislike it - It doesn't save me any time and the food is pretty tasteless - I do like it for making bone broth but the crockpot is just as good for us.
  • So far so good for me - BUT - I am traveling to a class with a bunch of like minded lady friends - Im pretty sure wine will be involved if not Margaritas. I am going to try to stay AF but....
  • You've got this Peter! Welcome back! You know how it all works this time - be sure to drink your water!
  • gimpybayou0 great job on losing weight! Are you adding the oil you cook in? or the broth? other liquids or things just added? Its amazing how they add up - so you might be eating more than you think. why don't you try eating a larger meal? I'm amazed your getting all your protein in - I'm supposed to eat 168g a day and I…
  • Just take a long walk - it will help ease the soreness