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  • @robertw486 Thank you for the kind words. I did use MFP exclusively the first time around. My neighbor had really good luck with NOOM and recommended it. She's actually back for round 2. :( I think the most important thing is resolve and determination to succeed. It's been really hard to get my mind in the game for…
  • @AnnPT77 I'm not the OP, but reading your post may just be the salvation I need right now. My husband passed away in October and I've been in a downward spiral ever since, eating to dull the pain, not exercising like I know I need to, not focusing on my needs. I am going to try and read your post every day to inspire me to…
  • If you can fix yourself naturally, that would be awesome. I've been able to do that for the past 10 years, then many things happened in my life that just plain derailed me and I knew I couldn't do it on my own this time. In the future, maybe. My mother committed suicide during one of her depressive episodes and that is my…
  • "Unfortunately I don’t have the capacity to see a psychologist weekly" When my depression resurfaced over the past year, I tried everything to try to beat it. I finally talked to my family doctor about it. She put me on meds to kind of jumpstart the process. She suggested seeing a psychologist that specializes in cognitive…
  • Thanks, it was interesting and perhaps informative, TBD.
  • I almost frost bit my toes when skiing several years ago and since then I get what they call "chillblains." My toes turn red and it's fairly painful, only when they get cold. As @grace42c said, it could be a circulation problem. I'm sure that's what initially caused mine.
  • Ripple, Dust in the Wind, Stairway to Heaven, Knockin on Heaven's Door, Wildflowers (I think that's the name of that Tom Petty song)
  • If only it were that easy. Binge eating does not go away because you "satiated" yourself with a sensible portion of a food you crave. @diannethegeek nailed it, at least for me.
  • Are you taking any prescription meds?
  • Make sure you are born to parents that have good genetics so at least you won't look older as you age.
  • That's an interesting theory. I live at a little over 5100' and hike up to 7000'. Any thoughts on VO2 max calculators such as:
  • I did break down and get on the dreadmill for the Garmin recommended 15 minute run, still no VO2max diff on the Vivosport. My resting heart rate pre-weight loss was in the low 70's, now for the past 2.5 years it's in the mid 50's so I'm very satisfied with my results. @sijnomial my MHR is only a calculated rate based on…
  • Thanks. My resting heart rate is in the mid 50's, I do almost reach MHR at points during the first mile and a half because my path is steep, a 30-45 degree slope. I'm not worried about fitness level, I was just curious more than anything. I'm certain I don't have the "poor" fitness level of a 79 year old woman. It was just…
  • I've been following this because I just bought a Garmin Vivosport (trying to dial in my efforts) and I screwed up when I set it up and it gives me a VO2 max of 26, comparable to a 79 year old woman (I'm 65). :s I hike several times a week and log 12 hours avg per week. My elevation gain is 1500 to 1700 feet in just under 2…
  • I agree with this. I've been using MapMyHike for over 3 years now and it gives me ridiculous amounts of calories for my hikes. I never ate more than half of those back and lost weight. I just started using a Garmin Vivosport and it gives me roughly 1/3 the amount of calories for the same exercise.
  • I am a binger too and @cmriverside nailed it. Distraction is the only tool that works for me. This article may (or may not) be helpful. It doesn't address binging, but does address the yoyo cycle and although we are not mice, some of it makes sense to me. The number of calories I eat in a day (or week) has absolutely no…
  • Listen to @kimny72, she gives the best, most thoughtful advice!
  • Even though we are not mice....I am going to leave this here for those of us having a hard time understanding the why's of regaining weight. It may be pertinent, it may not, but it's worth the read.
  • The bolded part is me over the past few months. It started with my 46 year old son's heart attack that he had during an ice climbing trip, then I lost 2 close family members within a month of each other and while all this was going on my husband began having heart issues which finally will be resolved with open heart…
  • I've waited a few days to comment, but yes, sadly, I have been on the road to regaining the weight. I lost 60#, the lowest weight I have been in almost 40 years, a wonderful 129#. Fast forward to now, back up 20#, most of it gained over the past 6 or 7 months. I blamed it on stress from several major occurrences in my…
  • I have visions of stringy celery clogging up my blender. I can't imagine much benefit to adding it to a smoothie, but whatever works for you, go for it.
  • I know a woman who is a competitive trail runner and her runs typically take her from trailhead to peaks 10+ miles in, a gain of several thousand feet in elevation, no cell service. Last fall she was coming back down and tripped and jammed her hip so bad it shattered her hip socket. This is a trail that doesn't get much…
  • Forget it and move on. 3000 calories is not going matter in the long term. If I did that, the alcohol would give me a temporary "weight gain" that would go away as soon as I got back on track.
  • Perhaps you got wooed because you didn't really address op's concerns about white bread, you only offered an alternative that may or may not be available where she lives.
  • My son used to live in Ranchester, just over the MT/WY border, and I've worked many places all over the state (oil business). My least favorite place is Rawlins (Rawwinds… :D ) Lander is nice, Cheyenne blows, flew into there a few times and was amazed the pilot could even land the little "vomit comets" we flew in. Almost…
  • My son lives in Cody. The only thing keeping me from pulling up my roots here in Montana and moving there to be closer is the wind...oh, and grizzly bears...don't want to deal with grizzly bears when I hike. :/
  • Wind is the only thing I hate about winter. Where are you? Wyoming, Montana, or some other windy hell hole? We had gusts of 80 mph yesterday.
  • :) B) <3 Skied Friday, hopefully again on Thursday.
  • @LeslckaBod I was at my goal, 129 pounds, spring of 2017. I felt amazing both physically and emotionally. I felt confident that this was who I was going to be from that time forward. I didn't think anything could set me back. Fast forward to now. I have gained 15-18 pounds depending on what day of the week it is. Life has…