How do you regain your motivation when life stress is destroying it

So how do you do it? How do you regain the motivation that got you going every day when life stress and anxiety start snowballing on you? This last few weeks I'm finding my drive to keep up what got me to a great place has been waning. I haven't slipped too badly yet, I've gained about 5 lbs back, but I can't seem to get back the motivation. Work is by far the major contributor to this. I've had to cut several people due to COVID driven decline. I'm working crazy hours now instead of a fixed schedule. I can't sleep as my mind won't stop racing from stress and anxiety. Has anybody else been in this situation and how did you snap yourself out of it?


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    I hadn't logged for a good while before COVID, but after shutown I gained 20 lbs in the first couple of months because of stress eating.

    I hadn't logged for a while before shutdown. When I decided to start logging again in June, I surprised myself by discovering that it was actually a great relief from my stress. Returning to good eating habits and honest logging gave me a sense of control in a very unstable time. I've lost almost 39 lbs since June, and continue to find logging and eating well as a great source comfort and peace.

    I don't know really how telling that is supposed to help you, but maybe thinking about this part of your life as a source of self-care might help :-)
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    All of this speaks directly to me! I wake up at 60% stressed instead of 10% stressed and that doesn’t leave a lot of room before it’s overwhelming. Great advice on this thread!
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    #1 thing to do throughout this stress, is to take care of yourself.

    You may work long hours now, sleep less, no time to exercise, and are in some stressful conversations which I agree isn't easy. It's hard. Focus on what you can control. Your nutrition.

    This is the place to do it, this is the one thing you can control.

    Good luck to you! Stay the course and don't give up. Just remember that even "online strangers" are indeed rooting for you. You can do this.
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    Great advice from @rosebarnalice - try not to look at getting healthier as something that will add to your stress but something that helps to alleviate it.

    Then - just do it. Anything. Motivation will come later. I started with adjustments to my diet and then started back with walking, setting achievable targets. Once started, it is easier as you don’t want to break a good run. However, it took me weeks to build up to this. I know how it feels when your reserves are rock bottom. But you are amazing - I know you will discover more reserves, if you dig deep - and you’ll be so proud when you do.

    Importantly, in the meantime - know that you are not alone. These are extraordinary and awful times, weighing upon all of us in ways we’re not even aware of yet. Do what you can and forgive yourself where you fall short. Try and maintain your “real” social connections (even if via video call or just a phonecall) - with family and good friends. Talk things through, laugh, don’t be afraid to share anxieties - and remember that those connections are what really matter in life. It might help to lift some of that overwhelming stress you are feeling about work, health and motivation.

    This too shall pass.
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    Most of us did this during COVID..and we are kicking ourselves and evaluating our behaviors. Why oh why! do we do this! Me included.

    At least you are aware, you want to do something about it.. and you have measured your weight gain at five pounds.. which isn't really that bad. Many of us stick our heads in the sand and ..boom 20 or 30 pounds heavier.

    In looking back... I realize it was that I allowed foods in my home I typically never ever ever have in my house. I somehow allowed myself to stray from my eating habits. I also didn't log onto here to keep it real. I put my stress center stage.

    So if I were you? .. I'd drop everything go grocery shopping..get your healthy food and meal prep and clear any junk food out of your home.

    Carve out time to meal prep and to pack meals you can eat at your home desk...and make time for an at home or outside exercise routine.

    Don't blame yourself for the jobs you had to cut during this time..don't punish isn't your fault.

    Come here for support.
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    Mental wellness is just as important in weight loss. Cortisol levels spike when stressed and can keep on weight. The state of country definitely makes you go ape crazy.
    I have been doing a bible study to help. Being spiritual has really helped me get support as I have no family other than my cats. I focus on what I'm grateful for.
    Breathing exercises, reading scripture or inspiring stories might help. I'm not going to judge or condemn you if you don't read the bible, I'm just saying it helps me when it feels like the world is imploding around me. I'm flawed, a sinner, but do what I can to toe the line.
    I hope you find the comfort you need. In a span of a few years I lost my parents, had 4 injuries, 2 car accidents, lost job, moved, then broke leg & then covid hit. My faith helped me through and I hope you can find strength to comfort you.
    God Bless
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    What you eat is among the few things you can control. When it's all spinning out of control, I focus on that.

    (It has its downsides because I am anorexic & control not just weight / not eating is part of that)
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    @AnnPT77 I'm not the OP, but reading your post may just be the salvation I need right now. My husband passed away in October and I've been in a downward spiral ever since, eating to dull the pain, not exercising like I know I need to, not focusing on my needs. I am going to try and read your post every day to inspire me to get back on track. Thank you! <3
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    The issue is about control.
    Or more directly, the fallacy that you can control what happens around you. You can't. So don't worry about it.

    What you can control is your personal outlook, your physical activity and your lifestyle. Make healthy choices where you can and don't stress the things that happen that you can't control.

    Be honest with yourself regarding what is controllable.
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    Rocknut53 wrote: »
    @AnnPT77 I'm not the OP, but reading your post may just be the salvation I need right now. My husband passed away in October and I've been in a downward spiral ever since, eating to dull the pain, not exercising like I know I need to, not focusing on my needs. I am going to try and read your post every day to inspire me to get back on track. Thank you! <3

    @Rocknut53, with apologies to the OP for further digression, I'm resonating with sympathy and empathy waves over here. If I could beam strength at you from distance, I would. I was widowed young(ish), at 42 (22+ years ago). The numbness. The effort to break through to a new normal life. You're taking the right steps. There can be a new and happy life out there, I promise. It's OK to fake it a little until you get there; it may even help. Behavior can lead feelings, not just the other way around. I'm cheering for you. Virtual hugs! Friend/PM me if I can help at all.