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Hello old friends and new friends,
I lost 60 pounds here on MFP (my profile picture is during my weight loss) in 2016-2017, then life happened, my husband died, covid happened, depression happened and I gained back 45 pounds. All just excuses for failing and becoming one of the 90+ percent of people who gain back the weight. I have been on NOOM for the past few months and although the psychological component of the program allowed me to see inside my own mind, the program itself is lacking and frankly costs too much. So, here I am again, hoping to get inspiration from others. I'm still grieving the loss of my husband of 41 years so this will be a work in progress, with good days and bad days and hopefully saying goodbye to these excess pounds once and for all. It would be a bonus to touch base with other women that are going through similar struggles.


  • robertw486
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    Wow... that's a lot to go through and though we can always say anything is an excuse, it's enough to derail a lot of people. I remember when you were fairly active here before, and some of your weight loss posts. But that has me curious, did you use MFP alone the first time around? If so I'm just wondering why you decided to try NOOM this time. On the same note, it sounds like maybe it did offer something different so this is just my curiosity.

    And the grieving process will take a while. That is a long time so it will be even more memories and such.

    Wishing you the best, and though glad to see you back, I wish life didn't serve you up such a rough couple of years.
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    Although my story is different, I can relate as I lost my sister and mother within a year and gained back every pound I took off + more. I grieved with a spoon in my mouth.
    I have just started this journey and I have very little wisdom on weight loss to offer. I have decided to do this slowly and hopefully will not set myself up for failure with extensive calorie reduction.
    I just wanted to send a virtual hug. I pray for peace and comfort to you.
  • Rocknut53
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    @robertw486 Thank you for the kind words. I did use MFP exclusively the first time around. My neighbor had really good luck with NOOM and recommended it. She's actually back for round 2. :( I think the most important thing is resolve and determination to succeed. It's been really hard to get my mind in the game for anything, let alone weight loss. I'm slowly coming around, but it's a daily battle. I decided coming back to MFP was the most realistic approach. I have a long history here, since 2013, with meal and exercise entries I can refer to as I need them. It also helps to read other people's comments. Back to NOOM, it actually provided some "psyche tricks" as they call them to help me deal with many different thoughts and thought distortions that, although related to losing weight, were also helpful with my grief process. Cheaper than a psychiatrist. I think one mistake I made was not continuing to use MFP once I lost my weight. I got cocky and figured I had it nailed, no worries, I will be thin and fit forever. Like @fatty2begone, I grieved with a spoon in my mouth.
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    Hugs and more hugs. I can’t imagine what I’d do without Mr Spring. Anytime I even think about it, I shove it to one side. Forty one years is several lifetimes for some folks. Wishing you the best with both weight loss and lessening of the grieving. Hugs again!