Eating white bread? Should I give it up?

I eat one or two servings of white breads a day that is made where I’m from. It is 180 calories each. While it hasn’t affected my weight, I’m worried about my HEALTH. Is this increasing my chances of diabetes? I eat one BIG dessert a week in addition to this but avoid added sugars besides this. Basically, do you think I need to make a change?


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    Only if you want to.... in a mixed media GI index is kinda pointless.
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    Hello! The special 40 calorie bread is not available in my country. Thank you for the recommendation though. The white bread I eat has some honey in the dough and I eat it with either butter or eggs/meat and vegetables. I have been worried about my bread habit because of all the talk about white breads turning into sugar and how brown is better and because of my past weight issues (used to be obese). This local bread is only made in white, but I can find non-local brown bread here. Thank you again for all your advice.
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    1: you can easily fit white bread into a healthy diet, as so many others have pointed out. Southern Europe eat a lot of it, and they are actually quite healthy
    2: The color of the berad isn't really important. Some bakeries add barley or melasses to turn the bread brown. If you're concerned about the nutrients in the bread, you should look at the amount of fiber/whole grain. I have no idea how that's labelled where you live, so I cannot help you in finding the best bread
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    White bread can be known to spike blood sugar levels as it’s high on the glycemic index scale. That being said to answer your question in moderation you should be fine. I assume you track your calories/ macros and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I expect that many people at risk for diabetes don’t always take those steps. Most importantly your doctor would be the best person to advise you as they could best inform you of your risk for diabetes and the steps to best prevent it. Other bread options are Ezekiel bread, flaxseed bread and rye bread.
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    Have you ever tried making your own bread? It is super easy and satisfying. BTW , the honey or sugar in bread is to activate the yeast and to give the bread some flavor.