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  • I think it's because these very large individuals on 600 lb life don't want to or can't stand up to do the dishes, in addition to getting delivery/takeout food rather than cooking at home. I would only buy paper plates if I were hosting a large party or going to an outdoor picnic/bbq.
  • I'm diabetic too but I do include nonstarchy vegetables. I have a friend who tried Atkins and got gout, so after that happened to him, I decided that like 50 to 75 carbs a day from plenty of nonstarchy vegetables would be okay. Ran that by my doctor and she was down with it. I mean YMMV of course but please talk to your…
  • So there needs to be a non food way to blow off stress, right? My husband and I tend to use video games for this purpose. If you don't have the best reflexes or aren't into combat, there are story driven games that are either point and click adventures or more like interactive novel types.
  • I hear you. I've been helping my husband lose weight as well. problem is he refuses to track so I basically have to go with "learn what a reasonable portion looks like" and always read labels. He is down about 50 lb and has 25 more to go. it has been a very slow process. Making my own dressings and sauces has resulted in a…
  • Right on. I know Nordstrom has good quality but I will definitely have to lurk around for clearance sales. The Pinterest boards are a good idea. Probably much less frustrating than bouncing from retailer site to retailer site! I see a lot of women in our age bracket walking around in "I give up" outfits and no.... let's…
  • Definitely gotta hit the seasonal sales, right? I swear retailers think that being older = magical stash of dragon gold and jewels lol! I'm short and 52 years old as well. I have a sewing machine so I can hem things, but for some fabrics that isn't the easiest thing. I have been purging my closet lately and have had a lot…
  • What worked for me was increasing protein and decreasing carbs. Your mileage may vary as everyone is different, but u could try.
  • That sort of thing is super rude and annoying. I usually reply something snarky like "If I ever need advice on food, I'll be sure to ask you. In the meantime, however, I do not require any assistance." If that doesn't work, the next thing I say is "knock it off! Do I make intrusive remarks on what you eat?"
  • I canceled my PF membership because I can't work out with a mask on. I decided that I'll work out at home and in the future, decide if I want to get a new membership or not whenever all this is over. I'm also allergic to the hand sanitizer that people are smearing on everything. I could wear gloves, but that's almost as…
  • Being able to take advantage of clearance clothing which generally only has size Small remaining in stock lol.
  • Start with "Hello! Long time no see! How are you doing?" and then if they seem to respond positively, you can later in the conversation add "wow, you look really fit and fantastic!" If you're maintaning adequate personal distance and looking at her eyes (not chest lol) while saying this, it should be fine. A negative…
  • The way that clothes just never fit right. Proportions were always wrong because my stomach stuck out too much. It was infinitely annoying.
  • Intestinal bleeding... there are various possibilities. I wonder if a colonoscopy will be the next thing your doctor orders.
  • I would remove the raisins and then log it as just bran flakes.
  • It at least helps to weigh food as a reality check from time to time so you don't get skewed ideas. I cut off what I thought was 1 oz of cheese but then it was only 1/2 oz, and what I thought was 6 oz of yogurt was actually 8.
  • Agree with above poster. Complex carbs (like vegetables from the produce section) and plenty of them are fine unless you are diabetic or have another medical condition that causes issues with carbs. Highly processed carbs tend to be calorie dense and not leave people satisfied for long. On the other hand, if carbs make you…
  • Which foods are most satiating for you? Some people like complex carbs, some like protein. See what sticks to your ribs best for longest. Keep a food journal and write down stuff like how long you stayed satisfied after eating what things. Always weigh foods to be sure of accurate calorie count and log absolutely…
  • I always have slightly low hematocrit regardless of normal vitamins, other minerals, electrolytes, blah blah. Second the rec for ferrous bisglycinate and I'd say to stay away from ferrous fumarate which is very, very intestinally clogging.
  • There are talking digital scales on Amazon that go over 400 lb if u don't mind spending something like 50 bucks.
  • This is like my dad saying that I'm too old to learn piano. I started learning at age 48. I'm 52 now. I regularly prove him wrong by sending videos of me playing various songs of medium complexity. If you can find another doctor, consider it. If you're locked into this one by some kind of insurance network, enjoy proving…
  • Mathematics. just don't have it, man.
  • Today I shoveled gravel. Parts of the driveway were getting muddy. Gravel Dude (forget name of company) dumped all the gravel into a hill and I'm distributing it with a wheelbarrow and shovel. 2/3 done, last third will be done when my elbow doesn't feel like this. probably within a week.
  • Folks, in case I wasn't clear, I'm seeing an endocrinologist and following her treatment plan. There is a dietitian integrated in the endocrinology practice. At the outset, I was looking for ways to manage a vegan diet because I thought I was supposed to do that but had no experience with it. Having discovered that such a…
  • If ur not accustomed to fruits and veggies, then work up the amount slowly. It takes a minute to get used to new things, especially fibrous ones. There is certainly no harm in consulting a doctor about the changes you are making and the safest way to do that.
  • I tried eating small amounts of the "acceptable" (complex) carbs, paired with protein, and my sugar still went sky high because of the insulin release delay I have going on. This is why I do low carb. I suppose that if I wished to be low carb and vegan at the same time, I could find a way, but I am not choosing to do this…
  • I lost 40 lb too. I no longer had to gear my lunches to what would be safe and appealing at work, so I can just quickly throw an omelette together at noon while working from home. I haven't eaten out a single time since COVID began and I don't do takeout at all, so that means I have saved money and calories both. I have…
  • I am as skeptical as I can possibly be about her claim to be anorexic. Some type of ED? No doubt. But as claimed.... I think not.
  • Well, looks like this thread kind of blew up. I have tried eating various things and checking sugars 2 hours later, then presenting findings to the endocrinologist. I'm super carb sensitive even if those carbs are whole grains, high fiber veg, etc. So I eat a lot of nonstarchy vegetables, fish, lean meat and poultry,…
  • Here I am after about a year of seeing the endocrinologist and following her recommendations. She has me on a low carb (not vegan) diet and it has been working well to keep sugars within target, without having to use medications. We did a continuous glucose monitor for a month to reveal the daily patterns. There is…
  • Here we are a year later lol and I'm still working out at home. Can't manage a gym workout with a mask on the whole time. About to cancel Planet Fitness and just buy some more weights and stuff for here. I'll say that yoga routines on youtube and a weighted hula hoop have been very useful!