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  • I was on Mounjaro for 1 1/2 yrs and due to shortage I was off it for two months. A month ago I started Semaglutide compound. I’m on the starter 0.25 and will be moving up to 0.50 this week. I’m hoping for some weight loss soon… Not sure if I’m going to stay on Semaglutide or if I’ll switch back to Tirzepatide.
    in Simaglutide Comment by queenbea77 May 6
  • Hi, I was on Mounjaro for 1 1/2 yrs and lost 30#. Due to shortage I was off it for two months and I regained about 12# during my time off from Mounjaro. A month ago I started using compound Semaglutide and have been more proactive about exercise. So far it’s mostly been walking with a bit of running & bike riding. I’m on…
  • Are you using the calories/macros given by MFP or using a different calculator?
  • Hello I discovered IF a few months ago and have mainly been doing 16:8, 18:6, a few 24 and 36. Then I went on vacation and am ready to jump back in but I’m finding it harder now. Starting all over
  • [/quote] Thank you!! I’m off to buy a food scale tomorrow. I was weighing myself weekly, but now I think I’ll go off actual measurements than jumping on the scale constantly. [/quote] Along with weighing yourself take pictures and measurements. When logging your food look for foods with the green checkmark, include USDA in…
  • You need to weigh all of your food. If the box says 1 cup (56g) then weigh out 56g - don't measure out 1 cup.
  • I'm going to say no. You'd be better off following what the machine says. When I do spin and the bike says 15 miles my fit bit only says five or six.
  • Your exercise calories are already included in your daily calorie number. Do not eat back your exercise calories
  • No, your calories burned are already figured in.
  • An update to our GNP trip. We went mid August for 4 days and wish we had stayed longer, lol. We did take our hiking boots and poles. I didn't take our backpacks because we didn't really plan on doing a lot of long hikes. In hind sight we should have taken them. We had those drawstring pouches that we wore which worked but…
  • OP did comment on lack of sleep - which can play a part in the problem.
  • Yes it could be - I was eating 1,200 calories a day plus working out 1 1/2 - 2 hours per day and didn't lose a pound. It wasn't until I upped my calorie intake that I started out losing and that was with working out less than I was before. It takes more than 1,300-1,400 calories just to lay in bed doing nothing all day.
  • IIFYM - If it fits your macros. I don't eliminate any foods - I just make them fit. If I try to eliminate something that makes me want it even more. You need a certain amount of protein, carbs and fats to be healthy. Protein for muscles, carbs for energy and fats for hormone balance.
  • It very well could be that you "aren't" eating enough calories. What is your BMR & your TDEE?
  • I try to get a gallon. I have an app on my phone "waterlogged" that I synced with MFP so once I log it on there it automatically is logged on here. I found it helpful to set an alarm on my phone to go off every hour so I can remember to drink water and get up and move around.
  • This. I always leave myself "wiggle room" so I can have a snack after dinner.
  • Currently we aren't hiking just walking a lot. My husband doesn't want to take his boots or hiking poles. I didn't know what kind of incline/decline we would encounter so I wanted to get advice. When we hike at the Grand Canyon I was shocked at the number of people hiking in sandals, of course I wouldn't do that. My…
  • Like evildeadedd said - not eating after a certain time is total BS. And eating under 1,200 isn't going to result in long term weight loss. As soon as you start eating more you will regain the weight. That number of calories isn't even enough for you to lay around in bed all day .
  • google ground chicken pizza. You can use the turkey for that. I bought some ground chicken and am going to add shredded Swiss cheese and diced ham to make a chicken cordon bleu pizza
  • Weight fluctuates daily (and even hourly) - weigh yourself at the same time each morning and at the end of the week average it out to see what the number is. As for eating when you aren't hungry it happens so if you are under by 200 today and over by 200 tomorrow it averages out. Some people go with a weekly number rather…
  • I weigh my meats after I cook them because it's easier for me. If there is a bone I cut the bone out & trim fat before weighing. For a pork chop I would search pork chop, cooked, USDA, boneless. I was always told weigh cooked - log cooked, weigh raw - log raw. When you look up meats, fruits or veggies be sure to use USDA…
  • For me it's the weekend.
  • Have you read the IIFYM thread? Calorie deficit is the key...not necessarily "clean eating". That would be a choice just like a vegetarian. Good luck with Insanity - it looks like it's a killer workout!
  • Exactly! Weigh it on a scale - don't rely on "cup" or "spoon" measurements because that isn't accurate.
  • I used to do cardio (hours & hours). I like it but I knew muscle helped more with weight loss and bone loss so I decided to give it a try. There are so many programs out there to try as well as videos (on, you-tube etc.) that will show you proper form so you don't hurt yourself. I did Body Pump for about…
  • It's definately challenging. I certainly feel my arms & thighs are firmer. I'm not looking to do anything other than firm up - I'll leave the body building & bikini competitions to others.
  • Phase 1 is good...I'm so glad she brings you into is slowly because Phase 2 is a killer! And I'm only on day 3 of it and I'm exhausted!
  • So glad you guys are on top of it! I don't get on here too often so I didn't know about the flag...evidently they have been deleted because I don't see the posts anymore. Too bad all of the money we are paying for our membership here isn't going toward better security.
  • I struggle with pasta - dry is usually 56gr. but I cook for a family and I'm not crazy about cooking a single serving just to get the accurate weight.