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  • congratulations! yes tracking your food works. I've been using this app since 2013 & tracking my food longer than that. Helped me to lose almost 90 lbs AND keep it off. You can do it!
  • What an inspiring story! Hope others read it and know that it can be done. You are living proof of that.
  • that is so true! This is journey with some twists and turns and that's ok. Just keep on going!
  • Track your food and set a reasonable calorie goal that you can stick to without starving. Start with small sustainable changes. Same with exercise. If you haven't done much, then start with a 10 minute slow walk and gradually build up. You can do several 10 minute walks during the day. And talk to your doctor or a…
  • Good for you and we all know that "diets" don't work long term. We do have to make some changes and those have to be for life. I made the same decision in 2011 and gradually made changes that helped me to lose close to 90 lbs and I've kept it off close to 9 years. Feel great and now the healthier way I eat and exercise is…
  • When I started I knew that I had to make some permanent changes for my health (had at least 50 lbs to lose to get in the overweight BMI category). had been tracking my food and knew I was eating too much and enjoying my wine too much and too often. I decided that I was not going to go on a diet (they didn't work long…
  • So far I haven't gained. Kept up with my exercising and ate my normal healthy diet most meals. when we were out I enjoyed myself and ate a little more, but didn't go crazy. this approach has worked for me for about 10 years.
  • What @callsitlikeiseeit wrote! It may take time but time will go by regardless and you can do this!
  • My cardiologist rating me as platinum for my exercise and maintaining and 80+ lb weight loss for over 8 years!
  • First off congratulations on your weight loss! Second as you're reading vanity sizing is the thing and we really can't depend on the size...manufacturers and styles are all different. Personally I've had good luck with the jeans from the Gap. haven't checked there recently but love mine. Another brand that runs pretty true…
  • My pedometer. When I got serious about moving more this got me moving more and getting at least 10,000 steps/day. Mine also tracked aerobic exercise so started getting in 30 mins/day of aerobic walking. Continue to up my game in maintenance.
  • Inspiring story! MFP is great and as a fellow maintainer, intend to track here forever. Way to go!!!
  • Way to go! You story is inspiring and shows it doesn't have to be more than starting to make some healthy changes. Keep up the good work.
  • Have lost about 85 lbs & I've been at or under my goal weight for over 8 years and fortunately have not really had an issue with staying on track except for vacations. That's when I'll eat foods I don't normally choose and will eat more than usual. My mind set is that when I get home, I'll get back on track no delay and no…
  • When I started it was mid October 2011 and I figured no time like the present. Personally with the holidays if I had been going off track, this would be the time to start making those small sustainable healthy changes.
  • Someone gave us a lemon meringue pie and I had a slice last night and just had another one for a snack. Absolutely delicious and worth every calorie. The rest has now been frozen.
  • While I do link my Garmin to MFP I don't really "eat back" the calories; it is interesting to see and may help explain why my weight is where it is. My goal is to stay right around my calorie goal of 2,000/day - when I have a week where I stay right around 2,000 AND do a lot of exercise my weight may dip down a pound. And…
  • When I was working I made sure I got up and walked around every hour. I worked in an office park and I'd walk around the building when the weather was nice enough. Parked far from the office and walked in - left lunch 10 minutes early and walked around for 10 minutes. My printer broke & never got it replaced so I had to…
  • As I was losing I ended up cutting the calories by about 100/day as my weight loss stalled and that seemed to kick start it. When I got to a weight that was in the middle of the BMI range I kept the calories stable and still lost very slowly so I started increasing the goal by about 100/cals day. did that until the weight…
  • It really depends. When I started I was 5'8" and now 5'7". I found that changing sizes varied quite a bit as a lost weight. Initially (at 226) I had to lose about 25 lbs to see a difference in size. when I got to 170 or so I bought a lot of clothes in a size 14 and I lost about 10 lbs and they were all too big. I was doing…
  • I usually do what @SuzySunshine99 does and estimate as close as possible. The other thing I'll do is just estimate the calories and do a quick add. I won't get the nutrient info, but when I look back at the week I can see the calorie trend.
  • At age 61 (5'8" and 26) I had been tracking my food for about a year and not paying attention to my calorie goal. I did know that I was regularly eating well over 2,000 cals/day and had been maintaining so I set my goal at 2,000. Think MFP set it around 1500? My goal worked out to about 1/2 - 1 lb loss per week and that…
  • Thanks Betty. Understand now and hopefully one day you'll be able to get them back.
  • Seems like a day or two ago MFP added lots of emoji's and now they are gone. Too bad. The few they have are so limited.
  • Joined in 2013 & here consistently since then. Wasn't that active for years because I was on SparkPeople which closed this summer :'( Have had the same user name since I joined.
  • I started 10 years ago at age 61 and just finally had had enough of the ups and downs and waned to get healthier. Made small sustainable changes over time and have lost AND kept off over 80 lbs. You can do it. It really is never too late.
  • Congratulations! Slip ups are just part of life and we keep going! You look fantastic and love that smile! :)
  • The main thing is that you are doing this and you are committed to reaching your goal. Too often we look back and wish "if only" and it's hard sometimes to move past that thought and just focus on today. Plateaus happen and someone told me when I was losing weight that a plateau is practice for maintenance. That helped and…
  • Great story and great advice!