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  • Seems like a day or two ago MFP added lots of emoji's and now they are gone. Too bad. The few they have are so limited.
  • Joined in 2013 & here consistently since then. Wasn't that active for years because I was on SparkPeople which closed this summer :'( Have had the same user name since I joined.
  • I started 10 years ago at age 61 and just finally had had enough of the ups and downs and waned to get healthier. Made small sustainable changes over time and have lost AND kept off over 80 lbs. You can do it. It really is never too late.
  • Congratulations! Slip ups are just part of life and we keep going! You look fantastic and love that smile! :)
  • The main thing is that you are doing this and you are committed to reaching your goal. Too often we look back and wish "if only" and it's hard sometimes to move past that thought and just focus on today. Plateaus happen and someone told me when I was losing weight that a plateau is practice for maintenance. That helped and…
  • Great story and great advice!
  • Congratulations! 👋 You are so right losing weight can change more than just how we look. Keep up the great work!
  • Three things helped me (and I wanted to lose about 50 -60 lbs) was to set interim goals. When I started I decided to stick with my new plan until after Christmas (started mid October). When I hit that goal and had lost about 10 lbs I kept going. Second, was the acceptance finally that what I did to lose weight was what I'd…
  • Reading your story and progress is just GREAT! You've gotten lots of great advice and support which is wonderful. There is one question you asked months ago about could you make this lifetime commitment so many talk about and the answer is "yes you can!" At age 61 after many serial starts on weight loss (lost the…
  • Agree with @rheddmobile that size isn't the be all and end all. All that biking is probably changing not just your weight but your shape. I will say that when I was losing weight there were times when my body seemed to change very quickly; e.g. bought size 14's in March 2013 at about 165 and in less than one month I lost…
  • Congratulations to the November maintainers! Whether it is one year (NANHBH) or 15 (UPTOIT59) that is just GREAT. 📣
  • Getting in the three days of leg exercises to strengthen my hip and knees. Helping those areas!
  • Congratulations! I sort of backed into my goal and calorie goal. At one time aimed to get to low 170's (5'8") and when I got there I didn't do much differently and kept losing. Long story short, I ended up in cardiac rehab and adjusted my weight goal to 162 which is in the normal BMI range. Got there and kept working out…
  • Diagnosed with hip bursitis not long ago and to begin Dr. suggested Advil and ice and PT. Started PT which has made all the difference as I'm working on not just the hip, but strengthening quads, hamstrings. Helping not just my hip but knees and back. Gentle yoga helps too. Dr. said if all this doesn't help he'll do a…
  • Doing PT for sore hip and all the exercises have resulted in my jeans fitting better! Oh yeah....my knees & back are better too.
  • I don't know about food addictions. For me I knew that I couldn't sustain a weight loss or maintenance if certain foods were banned. Just the word "banned" or "forbidden" has such a negative connotation for me. Sure there are foods that I have on a very infrequent basis and usually in moderation. And there are some foods…
  • What a wonderful story and it is always fun to learn what motivates someone to finally say "enough is enough!" Seems to me that your weight loss is going great and I bet you're getting lots of compliments. Keep up the good work!
  • Mine probably went down too because I eat more meals at home. When I was working I started bringing my lunch which saved a ton of money and saved a ton calories.
  • Figuring out your "why" is important. In the past I could lose weight quickly and then gain it back quickly. What finally worked for me was accepting that what I did to lose weight I'd be doing for life. And making small sustainable changes that could become habits for life. You CAN do it!
  • I have never let MFP set my calorie goal. When I started out and wanted to lose I knew how many calories I had been eating and knew if I cut 500/day I'd start losing weight. So instead of the 1500 (or so) that MFP set, I set 2,000. As I lost I adjusted the calorie goal and as I stabilized I gradually increased it.…
  • Right now I have my calorie goal set to maintain and while I look at the net calories and what is left, I really only focus on the actual calories. Each day I check how I'm doing on the average actual calories eaten for the week and work to stay within my goal. If I do exercise a lot more than usual and keep my actual…
  • Welcome to all the newcomers! Have been on MFP since 2013 and find this a great site for tracking food and fitness. Have lost 80+ lbs AND kept it off...tracking works. As for adding friends, that feature has been restored. Because of all the trolls I will only add friends who send me a note briefly letting me know how they…
  • I like the Oikos zero which has little added sugar. And if you go with plain @rheddmobile has great advice about adding vanilla extract or other extracts. That with some cinnamon and fruit is delicious.
  • Absolutely as @BZAH10 writes. Even some foods that are labeled low sodium may have more than you think. If you go with non processed foods you go a long way to cutting out the sodium. And sometimes the low or no salt added have more sodium than regular; e.g., some canned tomatoes. I cook a lot and if I have a processed…
  • Welcome! You are smart to think about near term goals and to reward yourself when you reach those goals. Losing 200 lbs could seem daunting so thinking more short term is a good way to go. If you haven't already checked out the message board for "getting started" I'd do that. Here is a link to many tips:…
  • What works for me every day is my exercise routine. Just back from walking our dog and will head to the gym soon. Getting in the exercise sets up my day for success.
  • First please stop the negative talk...bet you wouldn't talk to your best friend this way. Be your own best friend and be kind to yourself. As many are saying just pick one thing you want to do differently. Maybe commit to tracking your food every day and then in a couple of weeks see the trends. See what one thing you can…
  • Good going! Thanks for sharing.
  • Great accomplishment! Looking forward to more progress pics and posts. You are doing this!
  • I work out with a personal trainer once/week and replicate that workout (sort of) one more time. If you're asking about exercise I do something EVERY day getting on average 20,000 steps/day. Mix walking with cardio machines at the gym, yoga, stretching. As for diet, I pretty much follow Michael Pollan's advice to eat "real…