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  • You can achieve everything and anything you want from the comfort of your own home with the right equipment and knowledge. You can achieve a lot with no equipment either. Start with what you can afford and then build from there, roughly 7 years ago I went from about 300lbs to 205lbs and had the start of the coveted "v" all…
  • You have the same story as mine, I am a gamer (PC). I am a nerd, I've done 2 marathons. I've added you.
  • I would advise to take a lunch, I am not sure why you struggle to take a lunch? I would also go for a walk when you finish work, this is so you get the feeling you are leaving work, then coming home from work otherwise your house will always be associated with work. So I would start with that, I would also prep food so…
  • Very nice, with that training and a bit of patience you will get there, just make sure your nutrition is good and you are not eating exercise calories (people might disagree with the latter)
  • Dust your bike off and get it going, no time like the present!
  • Absolutely fantastic! Should be super proud of yourself.
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  • Use a TDEE calculator, get a base line for calories, track it, make a decision if you need to lower/higher your intake after 2 weekly weigh ins, get more active.
  • Lets get this done William. I am James, feel free to add me and lets do this!
  • MFP doing it again (i've already replied once) Feel free to add me! I've done Keto before and am experienced / feel I can help! Not being able to lose 5.5kg on Keto interests me! And the uk weather hahaha its mid November, shades of dark, more dark, some cold, some wet thrown in and yea some more shade of dark!
  • I'm not a women/mom but I read your post not knowing and just wanted to say you should always feel proud of yourself, for having a wonderful husband who works hard and for being a mom! Never put yourself down or not be proud of yourself! we all have worth. Good luck on the journey, hope you smash it.
  • I'm all in! Let's forking do this!
  • Lets get it done brother. Feel free to add me.
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  • Feel free to add me, UK. Your journey sounds very similar to mine. I've done Keto which I loved, I've done calorie counting. Never been into fasting however, I will DM you why if you want I don't want to offend anyone haha. I used to be about 15 stone as off last week I was over 20 stone.. Anyone add me. Lets do this!
  • Anyone feel free to add me, help advice and motivation is what I offer.
  • Feel free to add me for advice, help, motivation and anything I can really help with on your fitness journey. One thing I would like to say is a lot of people always say "i want so bad, soooo bad" etc etc... but if that was actually the truth you'd put the work in, no excuses, put your head down and get it done... and the…
  • Probably posted here before but no harm in an update! Anyone feel free to add me for motivation and help along the way to all our goals!
  • Not sure if I have replied to this, if not! Yes, Northern Ireland here :) Feel free for anyone to add for motivation, help and advice!
  • I've been wearing one for months now and I've been abused for it, which I find crazy. Now it is mandatory in the UK the abuse has slowed but I am still recieving some. At the end of the day, if there is the smallest chance it can protect others, then why not? Its hardly a hardship to wear a mask for that 1minute+ you are…
  • Hi Lucy, feel free to add me and I will help as best I can along the way! Your goals seem very realistic which is great! They are for sure achievable but its all about your health and how you are feeling! Let's do this :)
  • Welcome! Good luck on your journey my friend, feel free to add me :)
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  • Hi, welcome back to the app! I am so sorry to hear about your losses, thoughts and prayers with you. I wish you luck on your new journey, feel free to add me, hopefully if I can I will help along the way. Cheers to good health and life my friend.
  • I'd have to say no just because you sound a bit miserable hahahaha
  • We all go through our own journey's, i've said this to myself plenty of times to be fair. Now I am on the healthy lifestyle to sustain for longevity.
  • Feel free to add me :) support on mfp is fantastic and we are all in it together! Welcome back for one last rodeo!
  • Welcome welcome :) Feel free to add, let's do this!
  • Don't quit my friend, positive vibes.
  • Hi Liz, welcome back for the last time, because together we are going to smash this :) Let's do it!
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  • Beetroot.