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  • It seems that with the computers that most restaurants use, splitting bills isn't much of an issue. At least the places I go. I go to dinner with a friend regularly and we order a half order of nachos(which is an option on the menu) bill gets half of the half and hers gets the other half of the half. We have told them…
  • I watch a decent amount of Food Network shows and other food related shows. They make me want to try cooking new things that aren't good for me...I can usually wait until I'm hungry though. One of my favorites is Master Chef Jr. Those kids amaze me and they made French macarons...I tried to make them a week later :)
  • I do squats while waiting at the microwave. At home it's not a problem, but at work, people give me and odd look.
  • I am like you, if anything I think my sweet tooth has gotten worse for some reason. Before the weight loss, I was the one who would scrape a lot of the frosting off cakes and I want the stupid roses :)
  • Most of my close friends were genuinely happy for me and they are still around and still supporting me and very understanding. A few friends never said a word about anything I was doing and when you lose over 100 pounds, you know they notice. I didn't take that personally, but still odd. After hearing peoples stories of…
  • I did my first mile open water swim last summer, luckily no contact. It was a Swim Across America Event, so not a super competitive event, but it was a good event. I don't really have anywhere to train in open water that is easily accessible. Both places I have had events are private. When I did my first sprint triathlon,…
  • I am on bored with this, I would also add the grass fed beef and bison.
  • I love sweets too and it has been a problem. Like others, I don't keep much in the house and eat fruit when I am craving something sweet. If that doesn't work I will just fall to the craving and go get ice cream or something. When I am at work and crave sweets I drink Crystal Light and it usually does the trick.
  • I have gotten it in the $5 - $6 range. I liked Halo Top in the beginning when it was new, but the texture turned me off and didn't really satisfy the ice cream craving. This seams to have a better texture for me. I am not normally a chocolate fan for the base flavor of the ice cream, but the brownie one has been my…
  • This is exactly what I do, I cut out the times when I would eat and wasn't hungry. So eating between 10 and 8 has helped cut out the snacking calories and allowed me room for a higher calorie dinner.
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  • I took a friend with me for my first major shopping spree. It was very helpful because we would look, we both picked stuff out and I tried on, then she just kept bringing more stuff. It was good because she had me try on stuff I would never have tried on. The body shape was so different that I needed that.
  • And the spend ropes leave you with the best whip marks :#
  • I finally had to give up on double unders, the speed rope hurts when you miss :smiley: That wasn't really why I stopped, it was more because I would get close to being able to do them consecutively that I was trying to do them too often and would end up hurting my foot or my ankle for some reason. The whip marks from the…
  • I also go to 9Round, we don't always have the jump rope, but we do most of the time. Last week it was the challenge station and we had to do jacks while jumping...I was not so good at that. Some people complain about having round 1 be jump rope all the time, but I personally like it as a warm up.
  • I used to like my tuna salad on crackers, the calories of those crackers added up. I started eating it on sliced cucumbers. As long as it was a good fresh cucumber, it gave me the crunch I wanted.
  • I was lucky and my first and only trainer. I was set up with two free sessions when I joined my gym and I never looked back. I started with once a week, but he would give me a plan for the rest of the week. At our sessions we would discuss my diet and he would look at my log and we would see what needed to be tweaked. I…
  • Mine vary from 9Rounds Kickboxing at about 30 minutes to an hour or so lifting at the gym. Generally I am no longer than an hour though.
  • St Louis Cardinals Home Opener tomorrow!
  • Mine has the guard too, but then something won't stay in the guard....that is when I get into trouble. :s
  • Not cutting food I love out of my diet, but figuring out ways to make it fit. When I started working with a trainer and he was looking at my food diary, I was upset with myself because I had pizza and fries in one week. He told me to work on eating the way I plan to eat for the rest of my life, not just for right now. So,…
  • This is my favorite and most used.
  • I go after work, I drive right by the gym, so it's easy. I have tried working out before work, but that means getting out of bed before 5am and I am not a morning person and my workouts suffer...I just can't seem to left as much weight in the morning. The only workout that doesn't seem horrible in the morning is swimming.…
  • I agree with that although my mother doesn't get the physical part of it. Luckily my personal trainer gets it. He moved to a different city, so he gets texts when I do something I am proud of and I get the muscle emoji or something back :)
  • I became good friends with my personal trainer and I used to cook dinner for him once a week in exchange for training sessions. He said I was a good cook (except for one fail that he will never let me forget). He moved away and will occasionally call for advice on how to cook a meal. My family also says I am a good cook,…
  • I think I go through cycles, although I never hate it (anymore, don't love it, but I like it. I do love the benefits of exercise. Right now I do strength training and do kickboxing. I like the variety and I do enjoy the time spent. I love that I have more energy and less anxiety. I started working out regularly about 9…
  • I have had a dog for 12 years and work full time. He was three months old when I got him. I crate trained him as a puppy, I could go home at lunch and check on him. Once he was a little older he had more run of the house - the living room and kitchen anyway. They learn and adapt to their lifestyle. Due to an emergency, he…
  • Less anxiety issues Better sleep - I don't get the mid day slump anymore
  • I used to get "are you ever going to be done with your diet" I did explain to this person that I was never going back to the way I used to eat, because I would go back to how I used to feel and look. No one really said much after that. Most of the people at my office understand. When I hit a big goal of losing 100 pounds,…
  • I am in the subset that can smell it also. The next time I am in the bathroom....there is the smell, no waiting 12 hours. My favorite way to eat it is roasted with some Olive Oil. Its my absolute favorite veggie.
  • Chips and Salsa, chocolate chip cookies and beer...oh and cheese.