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  • After much inspection, the flab is really fatty skin around the abdominal area. So it's more dieting and trying to fill it with muscles. Oh, the work we have to do to get a nice body. Trouble is, I don't want to loose any more weight. Maybe I can loose the weight and then fill it with water, which I have to have.
  • I have a good idea of the calories in all my food after counting religiously for a year now and reached my ideal weight. Ill probably keep counting till I'm confident with maintenance and just go back to counting again when I see my weight go up on the scales.
  • Your internet may slow down, but you can still download the youtube videos onto your computer or put them on your phone/ipad by using the website. I do this and follow several youtube exercise programs; mainly because I do my exercise in a different room from my pc.
  • Balance and moderation. I eat pretty much what I want, just keeping to my calorie intake. Just eat more filling foods, I've neatly stopped the junk food that I was eating a lot of and am now eating more fruit/veg and protein. Stick close as possible to the macros.
  • I'm OTT and wiegh in everyday. But then, I expect fluctuations, mostly due to water. I suppose the daily weigh in motivates me in some ways as a loss means my diet plan actually works. Funny thing is, my greatest loss during the week is after I've had a lay in on saturdays/sundays - well you know how long my pee is then!
  • I always check the scanner info before I add the item on because I've noticed it doesnt get it right.. If its not the correct macros, then I look on the database for the closest item it does correlate to. Still the scanner info/database is still better than others I've tried. Same goes for named items that gives a lot of…
  • You may have inherited a condition that will lead to you being overweight or obese, but whether you do become fat is up to you. Think positive and do something about it.
  • Save some calories for a snack, adjust snack as to how many calories I have left. But then I look at the macros as well as the calories per day and dont stick to the 1200 limit that MFP puts down for me, but let it guide rather than restrict what I eat.
  • Only started drinking diet sodas recently. I stayed away from anything to do with artificial sweeteners because of these studies. But I'm glad to say, stevia in my coffee (I'm addicted to coffee) and drinking diet pepsi has made little to no difference in my diet. I wasnt keen on drinking bland water and wasnt drinking my…
  • 5 ft here, eating 1200-1400 calories each day. Cardio 3x each week, varying between 30min-45mins following youtube workouts. Started following mfp just over 7 weeks ago and lost approx 6kg (>13lbs). Changed what I eat quite a lot, more protein, less carbs and fat. And cut down on the junk.
  • Green tea with mint and small amount of honey for taste, lovely hot or cold, planning to try other flavor green teas when this supply runs out.Or put green tea in green smoothies. Plain green tea if made the correct way is delicious anyway.
  • What exactly is 'eating clean'? Loosing weight, but no one has mentioned that I have changed my diet. Just changed the caffeine for green tea or water and less sugar, moderation and exercise for the extra calories I eat each day. 3 weeks in and scales still going down, hope they continue that way too.
  • We are surrounded by chemicals. Everything has to be made of chemicals. Some which are the building blocks of life, in a healthy diet and some which are not - some which the body need in order to live and some which does absolutely nothing for the body. As a biochemist, when I 'throw around the word chemicals', I know what…
  • Never drank it or plan to start. I drink water, green tea or coffee (with *shock* 1 tsp real sugar*). Got the idea that diet drinks were bad for me as it contained a lot of chemicals, forgot where I got the advice from but I stuck with it. But then, my diet is only in it's 2nd week.
  • Moroccan Green Tea with mint.
  • In Guilin, when I was last there - I was told that they did some good vegetable dishes and also dumplings ( don't know the spelling, but they were thin rice wrapped meat or vegetable) which were delicious.
  • I'm chinese and find keeping myfitnesspal calorie tracker difficult whenever I switch from eating western style food during the day to chinese food during the night, I would stay off the street food if I were you, they may be tasty but not very nutricious - in fact they may be a weight gain. The one plate dinner is a good…
  • Wont be following this diet, but the soup sounds a great idea for the times during the day when I get hungry, may bump a up a bit by adding lean mince chicken or beef. Wont starve myself by the diet though, I lost more than 4 lbs in the first week of doing myfitnesspal by counting calories and a better diet already.
  • Thanks for a clear explanation. Now I wont guilty when I eat back my exercise calories in my sedentary life.