How do you make Green Tea taste better?



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    I would try different brands, not all plain green teas taste the same. I also like to drink it cold sometimes, though maybe not the best "winter"ish suggestion. I pour the hot water over the tea bag and let it sit for a couple of minutes, if it goes too long it doesn't taste as good. Sometimes I dilute it greatly with water so it's just a hint of flavor in my water all day (of course this does not work if you are trying to use it as a morning substitute for coffee :laugh: ).
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    If you don't like the taste and you are only drinking it for the health benefits, just take green tea extract capsules.. They are more concentrated,deliver more benefits, and you won't have to choke down the green tea you don't like.
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    I like the ones that are flavored, tetley makes a lychee/pear decaffeinated green tea, and lipton has a few fruity varieties that I also enjoy.
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    The only thing I sweeten my tea with is honey (I get raw, local honey from the co-op in town) and I can drink tea unsweetened, so I'm not sure. Maybe you can use a low-sugar coffee creamer? It's actually pretty good, in my opinion! :)
  • I like my green tea with a baby spoon of Truvia in it. Truvia seems to have a hint of vanilla essence that goes well in a cuppa green.
  • I just drank a few extra cups when i started to let my taste buds 'acquire' the taste, now i don't even worry about it, sure its not the best tasting tea out there but then i just think of its benefits for my health and weight loss and gulp it down :wink: I force myself to have at least 2-3 cups a day... Just think of the benefits then once it has cooled down enough down it :laugh:
    But you need to drink enough of it to get used to the taste then after a while it won't even worry you anymore... Good Luck :happy:
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    turn it into iced tea
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    Use stevia extract!
  • I don't like the taste very much, too. But I know green tea is very healthy. So now I take green tea capsules. There is nothing in them except of green tea leafs. In Germany we can buy those at the pharmacy.
  • Definitely go for flavoured green tea - I use Lemon or Jasmine. My other top tip tho is to get that bag out of the mug as soon as you can. I stir until the water has darkened a little and then out comes the bag - no more than 30 seconds. Any longer and it's like licking the inside of a banana skin!
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    As others have said - don't use boiling water. It burns the leaves and makes it bitter.
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    I use a tiny drip of honey if I'm drinking it warm. I like it best iced though, lemon, raspberries and honey are all nice additions then. And another to say I agree that over steeping, or using boiling water make it an entirely different drink.
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    I drink tons of tea and use 1 packet of stevia per cup.

    I do the same, and it gives it a great taste.
  • I used to hate the taste of green tea, I forced myself to drink it until I liked it!

    If you really can't stand the taste, brands usually do other varieties, such as green tea with jasmine (my personal favourite, tastes quite sweet and smells wonderful!), or with lemon/cranberry, etc. I've seen Twinings (if you live in the UK) do variety packs of green tea, with an assortment of flavours!
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    I found Twinings Green tea Infused with Mint yummy :flowerforyou:
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    if you don't like it, why drink it? there are loads of other healthy things to drink, life is too short to waste on green tea:drinker:
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    Green tea with mint and small amount of honey for taste, lovely hot or cold, planning to try other flavor green teas when this supply runs out.Or put green tea in green smoothies. Plain green tea if made the correct way is delicious anyway.
  • Try Green Tea Chai made by Higher Living.

    Since I was introduced to it last year I have not bought another brand of Green Tea.

    I usually purchase mine from Tesco or
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    Cook it right.

    "For example, boiling water is too hot for white and green teas and will make them taste bitter. Letting the tea leaves sit for too long in water can also make your tea taste bitter or harsh."

    I like my green tea plain with no sweetener but not if it's been made wrong.

    Basically this. Usually the plain bagged green tea can survive temperatures up to 90 degrees, but there are some sorts that you have to prepare with water cooled down to 70 degrees and you cannot let it brew for longer than a minute, otherwise it will get bitter.
  • I add a little honey to my green tea. Also, if you don't like it hot, you can have it cold ( like iced tea). Lemon is also good in hot green tea.