Trying to lose weight in China. Need help!

Hey there, I'm originally from the US but studying in China for the semester. I was here last summer for two months and was able to lose about 10lbs without even trying. Now, I'll be here for a total of five months and I expected to lose some lbs since I have an easier schedule than I do at home. However, it's been about two months already and there is no difference in my body (I measure instead of weighing because I don't have a scale...yet!). I watch what I eat to an extent. I want to enjoy this country and the wonderful food they have to offer, so I try new foods. But I do not eat fried or very sweet foods often. I walk almost everywhere (about 45mins just back and forth from work). Also, I've been running on and off (I have a problem waking up in the mornings) and sometimes I do workouts in my dorm room. Which brings me to my next problem, I live in the dorms, therefore I cannot cook for myself. I mostly eat street food or at single plate restaurants (versus family style).

Anyway, I have about three months left here and I really want to kick my butt in shape while I can. I have some free time since I'm mostly studying, but I just need some help on how to improve.


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    How can you not lose weight in china? I had to eat peanut butter sandwiches and KFC jut to keep my weight! The key is to eat on a budget there. Eat like a Chinese person! Only one meat dish a day, and lots of tofu and vegetables. What part of china are you in? Noodles or rice?

    Dumplings are very filling, especially vegetable ones. I miss jiao ti!

    Enjoy the time there, it goes by so fast!
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    I'm in Guilin, in southern China. It's definitely a noodle place, which I assumed would help since I'm not eating much rice. Also, I already eat one meat dish a day, if that! And since you mentioned it, I have not been to KFC or McDonald's since I've arrived, which also adds to my frustration.
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    I'm chinese and find keeping myfitnesspal calorie tracker difficult whenever I switch from eating western style food during the day to chinese food during the night, I would stay off the street food if I were you, they may be tasty but not very nutricious - in fact they may be a weight gain. The one plate dinner is a good idea but you have to choose carefully. The chinese people may have nutricious foods but can be carb and meat orientated, I know my family think I,m crazy for even mentioning the food 'salad' in front of them. The staple are dumplings or white rice, have these in moderation. Choose carefully the ingredients which make up your meal and you'll do fine.
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    In Guilin, when I was last there - I was told that they did some good vegetable dishes and also dumplings ( don't know the spelling, but they were thin rice wrapped meat or vegetable) which were delicious.
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    I lived in Beijing for a year then Taiwan for a year (got back to the UK in April this year).
    I'll message you the kind of stuff that I used to eat (vegan though) let me know if there is any point :laugh:
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    I'm in China too! :D I'm in Hunan though, which is only just in the South. I've managed to lose 10kg (23lbs) since arriving in August without making any effort but I feel like I'm too tempted by Western foods sometimes so I'm here to make sure that doesn't happen. Add me if you like!
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    I'm in China, in Guangzhou. I gained weight my first year here as my school provides a buffet of western and chinese. Watch your portions, try to eat as fresh as possible. Leave yourself a deficit for the unknown. If it helps you add a tablespoon or two of oil to every day to account for all the oil they add. I rarely eat back my exercise calories because I have to account for the unknown in Chinese food.
  • Im in china, on hainan island , been here for 8 years i managed to lose 100 pound whilst living and working here, have put some back on though, would love more friends living in china maybe i can offer some advice about some foods that are good.
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    I would have such a hard time. I love Asian foods. San Francisco is one of those cities I would love to eat my way around.
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    Cool it on the noodle bowls.:happy:
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    I lived in Beijing for a year then Taiwan for a year (got back to the UK in April this year).
    I'll message you the kind of stuff that I used to eat (vegan though) let me know if there is any point :laugh:

    Yes let me know! One of my good friends here is vegan, so I'm used to eating with him.