Who has lost weight NOT eating clean?



  • this is all NICE to hear !! i stress over the food aspect of my journey LOL....obviously i NEED a food scale to more accurately count calories
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    What exactly is 'eating clean'? Loosing weight, but no one has mentioned that I have changed my diet. Just changed the caffeine for green tea or water and less sugar, moderation and exercise for the extra calories I eat each day. 3 weeks in and scales still going down, hope they continue that way too.
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    if any of you have a problem where your macros go in red on carbs or fats, do you just ignore it? I have that problem ALOT In carbs!

    It depends if going over in carbs is leading to you being too low in fats or protein or making you go over your calories.
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    I don't restrict myself...everything in moderation. :)
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    Never attempted eating clean and weight loss progress is still going good. Too much delicious dirty food out there. I defintely don't want to miss. :tongue:
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    I lose weight eating everything I did before, just less. I do try to incorporate more fruits & veggies daily, but that's it.
  • If it fits my macros, I don't care if it's clean or dirty. As long as I make some sort of effort to get a couple beneficial foods in there like fruits, nuts, vegetables, and fish oil each day.
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    I eat whatever I want as long as it fits in my calories but I was taught to eat pretty healthy as a child (we always had a garden and made a lot of stuff from scratch) so I'm a lot healthier eater than the standard American's diet.
  • Me. However, I wound up at maintenance in spite of it, cheat days and all the other doom and gloom stuff that was predicted.
  • I have lost weight eating whatever i want. I eat about a 50/50 diet. Even more so, losing weight isnt what i want. I want to lose inches, lose fat, preserve lean muscle. I have lost 16 inches off my whole body and havent lost a single lb. And thats with enjoying WHATEVER food i want. And a diet of 2000 cals average!

    Edited to add that I eat 50% healthy foods because i WANT to. I like fruits, veggies and lean proteins. BUT i also like cookies (I eat two every day) ice cream, cheesecake, pizza, chips, etc. SO... I eat both "CLEAN" and "DIRTY" foods.
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    Me I just follow my 1200/1400 cal a day rule and I am good to go
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    This thread was quite interesting.
    Human beings have the capacity to eat clean and dirty and yet survive
    How sorry we feel for people who have diabetes or any other medical condition where they have to be careful about food groups
    i am not into IIFYM aswell
    just lower calories
    but BUMP to this thread
  • Not a clean eater here! Before I joined MFP, I had the belief, just like so many out there, that if it's not chicken, green, fruit or 'clean' then you can't eat it. EVER. I'm so glad MFP has changed that perception. I'm actually really enjoying my weight loss as I know that I can still eat whatever I want. I just a) can't eat whatever I want all the time and b) overindulge when enjoying my favorite unhealthy foods.
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    we've all heard the rules.... eating clean is HIGHLY recommended. lol. but mehhhh -- as long as you can keep the macros and the calories under control, i dont see what the harm is. i dont eat clean -- ive made progress. but if i could, i would try to eat clean :)
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    I drink clean water. That's about it.
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    Dirty girl here. I just finished a brownie and a Mike's Hard Lemonade.
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    I eat whatever I want, stay Under my calorie goal, exercise and lose at least 2 pounds Every Week !!

    I want to get used to eating right, (under goal) and doing everything else right, (exercising) to lose weight and have a more healthy life style before worrying about eating clean or dirty !
  • Its possible before i even paid attention to clean eating i would always gain n drop weight every now and then. However i never had alot of stamina. Id play sports and last the entire session then feel like dying afterward eat more junk and always stay hungry. Id say clean eating is the best overall good health plus energy, it keeps you full and it is easier to loose weight (when your actually paying attention) but i do eat maybe a 500 cal or less in junk food a day.(this is best when you exercise that same day)
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    I am always fascinated by what strong opinions everyone here has on this topic! I will say that, for me personally, I have to have the foods I enjoy that don't fall into the "clean eating" category- if I want some chocolate, or a processed Lean Cuisine french bread pizza, or delicious cheese, I make sure it fits into my macros and om nom the crap out of it! And mama ain't giving up her wine.

    On the other hand, I do tend to feel better when I eat the majority (at least 70%) of my food from categories that are typically considered "clean"- lean meats, fruits, veggies, simply because I don't get as bloated. However, it's not something I think about or stress about. I believe that, for me, restricting certain foods completely is a no go. If I'm going to maintain a lifestyle, it cannot be one that has me feeling deprived, and some of my favorite foods aren't "clean".

    At the same time, I really think "whatever floats your boat". If someone wants to adhere to "clean eating", whatever they use to define those terms, awesome for them! If someone wants to eat pizza and beer and nachos every day while fitting it into their macros, awesome for them as well!
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    Always fascinated when an idea if confirmed by the number of successful people checking in.

    In. :drinker: