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m2marsh Member


  • I'm a Nutrisystem veteran and lost a lot of weight on it and have kept it off. Just as with any weight loss plan, if you don't learn your lessons about eating reasonable portions of healthy food, you will gain the weight back if you haven't adopted healthy living by the time you get to goal.
  • Hi guys. Veteran NSer myself. I use the Diet Slim puddings and shakes. They are comparable to the NS versions, with way more flavors! Good stats. (Hi Roger!)
  • Great start! I use NS as well, and routinely use MFP to track my calories and stats.
  • I had a lot of success with NS. Just as an FYI, if you do decide to sign up, they'll ask for a 2 month commitment. If you cancel after the first month, you'll have to give them back some of the discount they gave you due to your 2 month contract. I think ordering thru them is much easier in terms of staying on track.…
  • I use Nutrisystem AND track on MFP.
    in MFP Comment by m2marsh May 2016
  • Right, plus now they are giving you less lunches and dinners to encourage you to "flex" some of your meals. That gets you ready for the real world when you reach your goal.
  • How tall are you? What is your BMI? That calorie goal seems high to me. I would think you'd need to be closer to 1800 to lose very effectively. Have you consulted a physician or dietitian for calorie recommendations?
  • I used Nutrisystem, lost 45 pounds, and have kept it off for 8 years. You lose weight on it if you follow the plan. You don't gain it back if you are focused on continued healthy eating and proper portions.
  • Also keep in mind that Costco sells $100 NS gift cards for $80 any time. And several times a year they go on sale for much less than that. You can apply those to your orders.
  • How many of the entrees have you tried? Most people find some they love, some that are OK, and some they hate. Just like at any restaurant's menu. Plus there are various legal ways to jazz them up to make them better suit individual tastes.
  • They send you Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snack entrees. Then you supplement that with some proteins (meat, dairy, nuts) and healthy carbs (fruits, whole grains, legumes). What is cool is that you get a mix of their prepackaged meals, and your own ad-ins that suit your tastes.
  • But with so few calories, you really shouldn't be exercising much. That FAQ assumes you are follwing the NS plan. As a guy, you should be getting in AT LEAST 1500 calories a day. If you were eating that, then exercise is a great addition to your journey. Again, I encourage you to call and talk to them. You won't lose…
  • Where are the PowerFuels (protein) and SmartCarbs (fruit and grains) that they require you add? You are severely too low in calories. That will eventually cause your weight loss to slow and make you feel lousy. You might want to call NS and talk to a counselor.
  • I lost 45 pounds being on Nutrisystem for 6 months. That was 8 years ago, and I'm still maintaining my weight. The food has improved immensely in 25 years (is it fair to trash a program when your experience is THAT old?). I know TONS of senior citizens on NS right now who are successfully losing. And I know a bunch that…
  • DL, you should be able to get on the cheapest NS plan for less than $300 per month. And you can get away with a lot less than $200 in the added stuff if you are a good shopper and don't go crazy with a ton of different things. If you keep it simple, it is way less. I saved money on NS because I used to stop for fast food…