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  • Oh boy! I love it when I get to be special. Ahem...I lost 50+ pounds 18 years ago (19 in the spring) to get to my goal of 120. I have maintained that weight, +/- 5 pounds since then. In that time I also went from not exercising to running 5Ks to running a marathon (hoping for a second marathon sometime in 2024).
  • Cats do get acne. Not saying it is because of dairy, and cats shouldn’t drink milk anyway.
  • I have lived on Diet Mt Dew for a long time. Now drinking more coffee + tea because I have so much of it, but still love diet soda. Oh - and I've been maintaining a 50 pound weight loss for 18 years.
  • * 1200 calories is weight loss calories for a sedentary person; you claim to want to maintain * You are healing and need more protein and fat to assist the healing process * You are healing from two stress fractures and avoiding the question of whether you have been diagnosed with an eating disorder which does tend to lean…
  • My dad is dying of metastatic pancreatic cancer. He has had severe pain the last few months and opioids have helped.
  • You have little to lose so you have to reset your expectations. You will not lose every week and when you lose it will be small amounts. Do you weigh your food? You need to be very on point with portions at this point.
  • I leave on Friday for the vacation that is the highlight of my year. It’s a large group, family vacation that we’ve been going on since 1981. During those two weeks, we go on what we call “constant eating mode”. When that vacation is over, I come back, wince a bit at the scale, and get back to normal. I have maintained a…
  • If you are not eating enough (and having 1000 calories left is certainly not eating enough) you will crash and burn. I say this with kindness - losing weight does not have to mean starvation and extreme deprivation. And to point out - you also seem to have a touch of good/bad food mental categorization going on. That’s…
  • I haven’t heard of him. Looking up online his diet doesn’t seem too wacky, but his own research seems to say it’s not necessary Conclusions: Both diets were associated with sustained reductions in weight and plasma lipid concentrations. In an analysis controlling for…
  • Make what works for you and the little one. If girl, BF, and/or husband don't like it, they are free to make their own.
  • First commercial diet was developed in 1863, so they might not have been counting calories but they were dieting.
  • Foods that have gone bad/rotten or that I don't like. Everything else is in the right time in the right amount.
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  • I love bagels. My kitchen is being renovated right now and all I have to work with is a fridge + toaster, so bagels aplenty - and I am loving it.
  • 1. Bagels - sesame seed favorite right now 2. Peanut butter - including flavored 3. Brussels sprouts - current fav is salt and pepper 4. Chocolate or cookies - one to two servings a day 5. Coffee
  • Something to point out - for those who claim they could "never" eat only the serving size (or less than the serving size) of a treat, it's not like you immediately have to succeed at doing it. What I mean is try eating the serving size, and if you eat more than the serving size for that first try it doesn't mean you will…
  • I lost 50 pounds and have maintained that loss at a healthy weight for 18 years. I drink a lot of diet soda. Does my n=1 cancel out yours?
  • It's not so much better as literally unable to be done in a healthy way. The larger you are the more calories you burn; as you lose weight, you burn less. When you have that little to lose the amount of calories you can cut and still eat enough to maintain activity is not enough to add up to losing that much weight.
  • Hi! I drink diet soda day and night (not kidding) and I lost 50 pounds and have maintained that weight loss for 18 years. Does my n=1 cancel your friends n=1?
  • @avaisadora - intermittent fasting doesn't change the laws of physics. With only 25 pounds to lose, 1 pound is pretty much the max *on average* loss you can expect per week. Intermittent fasting works if it can help you stick to your calorie goals. I'd also advise getting a food scale to improve calorie counting accuracy.
  • I wouldn't say realistic. Theoretically you could lose 1/2 a pound a week (the max amount you should be aiming to lose with your current weight), but I wouldn't put a calendar date on it. With that little to lose water weight fluctuations can hide any progress. You can lose weight eating any food, as long as you are within…
  • This is the only way I've eaten it, and I like it.
  • The best way to long term success is to recognize your body needs time to heal. Follow doctor's directions. The short term setback could turn into a long term one if you rush yourself.
  • I have a job where I spend all day talking to people. I am very cheerful and talkative with them, but at the end of the day I am very definitely an introvert. The self checkout is my best friend (to bring back to topic).
  • I love grocery shopping. I'm having a major kitchen renovation going on right now, and I am DYING because I have to limit my grocery shopping to fit into a tiny fridge. But on the upside I'm working through my PB + eating a lot of bagels!
  • I love this. I think packaging is so cool, but I do see how doing this EVERY TIME would get frustrating.