Ok, just came from the hospital after an 8 day stay. I had a kidney stone that blocked my kidney up, it turned into an infection, which turned into sepsis (blood infection). Apparently, I almost died. Had to have emergency surgery to place a stint in my kidney and drain the pus from my kidney. I was in ICU for 4 days, on IV antibiotics for 8 days. Now I feel like all the gains I made before I got sick are gone. I want to start walking again but I feel so weak.


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    Huge hugs to you - how scary.

    Please don't feel bad. I can totally sympathize with your feelings. I hurt myself recently, and the FIRST DAY that I took off from exercise, I felt awful. Looking in the mirror, I felt fat and ugly, even though just the day before I had looked in the mirror and been proud of the progress I saw. That was all in my head and a side effect of my anxiety/depression. I was scared of going back to who I was before. It didn't reflect reality.

    The reality is, by being on a fitness/health journey, you're changing your life, changing the way you treat your body. THAT is the true progress. Illness doesn't take that away from you.

    You absolutely need to nourish your body. Make sure you're following your doctor's orders! DO NOT CUT CALORIES, DO NOT WORRY IF YOU SEE A SMALL GAIN ON THE SCALE DUE TO CONSUMING ADDITIONAL FOOD. Don't exercise until the doctor gives you the okay.

    As eager as you are to get back to walking, if you don't take it easy, you will lengthen your recovery.

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    Rest. Listen to your body unless of course you want to end up re-admitted.
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    All that trauma to your body may have caused you to retain water. I recommend staying away from the scale for a few weeks or so.

    If you are too weak to walk, you are too weak to walk.

    {{{{{ hugs }}}}}
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    Sepsis is no joke!! It's very deadly. Take it easy for a while. My mom was septic a few years back and it took her months to feel back to normal.

    Maybe focus solely on your eating, and don't worry about exercise for a while.
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    I wish you a speedy recovery! Allow your body time to rest and heal. Everybody has offered you great advice!
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    Please take care and take the time you need to fully recover. Virtual hugs to you.
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    Nothing new to add, but you have some really good firsthand advice from people here. And they care :heart:
    Take care of yourself. You have time. And if you do it right, you have LOTS of time to get back at it as you gain strength. More hugs coming your way.
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    My one friend had the same exact thing happen this past month! Just take it easy and get back to things slowly. You need to rest and get some strength back now.