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Is Dairy linked to acne?



  • jm_1234jm_1234 Posts: 130Member Member Posts: 130Member Member
    Eggs make me break out. Maybe something to do with the hair follicles on my face.

    Dairy doesn't make me breakout.
  • psuLemonpsuLemon Posts: 35,673Member, MFP Moderator, Greeter, Premium MFP Moderator Posts: 35,673Member, MFP Moderator, Greeter, Premium MFP Moderator

    Not exactly relevant to acne but overall benefits of dairy
  • LAT1963LAT1963 Posts: 1,352Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,352Member, Premium Member
    It's probably due not to hormone *levels* but the fact they changed because you changed your bcp.

    Some people get acne related to their wheat consumption. It's thought to be sensitivity to a byproduct of bacterial metabolism in people's gut. Easiest approach is to cut out wheat and see if it makes you feel better or not. Some people will try to change their biome using yogurt, probiotics, etc but this probably doesn't work. This is a separate thing from celiac disease which is an autoimmune attack of the gut triggered by eating gliadin, a co-component in wheat gluten (its the gliadin that actually causes the problem).
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  • OrphiaOrphia Posts: 6,952Member Member Posts: 6,952Member Member
    There is no one cause or solution.

    Having a lactose intolerance causes stomach and bowel issues, pain, and stress.
    (65% of humans have a lactose intolerance. (It varies from region to region.)

    The left and right vagus nerves, main conduits for our parasympathetic nervous system to our body, affect our hormones (e.g. cortisol, adrenaline, dopamine, seratonin) and in turn, our nervous system is affected by our hormones, and connects our brain, the sides of our stomachs, and extremities etc.

    Female or male puberty, and hormone fluctuations in life can cause acne or lack thereof, and hormone fluctuations can cause stress, and stress can cause digestive issues, and food intolerances can affect all of these.

    I find it helpful to look for interacting systems, not use cause-and-effect "final solution" tunnel-vision.
  • sunfastrosesunfastrose Posts: 542Member Member Posts: 542Member Member
    Cows don't have them, cats don't get them.... :)

    Cats do get acne. Not saying it is because of dairy, and cats shouldn’t drink milk anyway.
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