Hunger sensation even after eating?

Hey guys, this is a problem that I’ve experienced on and off the last 2 years or so.

So I’ll eat a meal or snack and then within half an hour I’ll get this feeling in my stomach as if I’m extremely hungry which quite often leads to me eating more until I feel literally stuffed. Obviously not good for weight loss or health.

It’s very annoying because I’ll know in my mind that I shouldn’t be hungry because I just ate but the physical sensation is so uncomfortable.

Should I maybe see a doctor? I also drink a lot of Coke Zero so I’m thinking of cutting that out in case it’s somehow affecting my digestion. Please let me know if you have any other advice.


  • WholeFoods4Lyfe
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    I would talk to your doctor about possibly having Ghrelin Resistance. Just like one can become resistant to Insulin, you can also become resistant to Ghrelin. It's talked about briefly in this article, though they don't specifically call it Ghrelin Resistance.
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    I feel that way when i eat some fruit or vegetables. i'm not sure why.
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    Is your meal or snack filling? Is it nutrient dense? I could eat a 200 cal spoon of peanut butter and be hungry 30 mins later, or a giant bowl of chopped zucchini with hummus and be good for hours.

    What happens when you wait it out?
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    Have you tried a hot beverage about the time you get hungry? Some herbal or decaf tea, or cocoa? It doesn't necessarily cure the hunger pains, but it certainly curbs it a bit. Also quite civilized.
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    Maxxitt wrote: »
    This is a long-shot and unlikely, but I had this same issue and discovered after an unexpected hospitalization that I had chronic stomach inflammation and a duodenal ulcer. With treatment, those gnawing "hunger" pangs after eating have disappeared. I think seeing your doctor is a splendid idea.

    It may not be such a long shot. “Extreme hunger” after eating is unusual, I would think. I have a somewhat similar story, although in my case they found evidence of past ulcers (stomach polyps) and we have a family history of excess acid production. I have on occasion felt that extreme hunger feeling when I’ve eaten plenty, although mine has always been in the middle of the night (or maybe that’s just when it was memorable). There was a thread here last year where a whole bunch of people chimed in with similar experiences. Someone said it happened to them after eating “junk food”. After reading that I cut down on carbs later in the day. It’s hardly proof positive but I think it helped.

    Not at all suggesting you should modify your diet rather than see a doctor. If it IS stomach ulcers you should get proper care.