How to fit in "off plan" food choices without derailing?



  • Danp
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    Something that I've noticed is that I tend to find '1 serving' equally satisfying regardless of the actual size of that serving...

    By this I mean, I tend to get a pretty similar level of satisfaction out of finishing 1 Fun Size Snickers (about 80cal) as I would from finishing a normal size Snickers (230cal).

    I'm not sure why this happens. Perhaps it's because when eating the Fun Size bar I unconsciously take smaller bites so it takes me just as long to eat the small bar as the larger one or if it's some weird psychological brain trick where in both cases I've 'eaten a whole Snickers bar' which leads to the same level of satisfaction.
  • OooohToast
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    I factor in nice things I like into my daily plan - if I am going away for the weekend or to an event, I try to stay mindful about what I am eating and why, but essentially enjoy it and get back on plan as soon as is possible. I do like the mindset that this is a way of eating rather than a diet, and as such, its has to work with your whole life. Each to their own though :)