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  • Go to IIFYM Calculator.Com - The Worlds Most Accurate Macro Calculator - IIFYM Do NOT pay at the end just pick the calorie intake you want then go to to pick the low carb tab and it will give you a very close estimate and then you can play with the carb and fat numbers until you get it to where…
  • Jason Vale Lose 5lbs in 5 Days juice detox.. (not really a detox) but if you have a juicer you will lose more then 5lbs believe me.
  • If you have a juicer you should look into Drew Canoles Alpha Reset.. Juice fasting for 1-3 days then add some protein into the nest 4-6 days. Trust me it works, plus all the benefits of the veggies.
  • I use my TRX straps on breaks.
  • I'm on Week 5 and really enjoy the program. It is surprising how much work you get done in 25 minutes but it is worth purchasing and doing. Time really does go by quickly.
  • To start off I feel for you I really do, I was chunky in school and was made fun of a lot. But you just have to try and let that go people are dumb at all ages. You can trust you right? I will get better trust me, at one point I was at 230lbs and now I am 193lbs.. Was down to 180lbs for a while and went back to eating…
  • I seen that same video and you are right it does open your eyes and reallllly makes you think about what is happening. Never mind the nay-sayers.. People fear what they do not understand.. I have been thinking pretty hard about the lifestyle change myself. Right now I buy free range chicken and grass feed beef and I talk…
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  • On Youtube there is a girl on there that is fully raw Vegan. Look up Fully Raw Kristina on Youtube.
  • Water with Lemon and Ginger Root Water, Cucumber,Lime,Mint Water with strawberries and mint You'll just have to experiment and see what you like.
  • Feel Free to add me. My wife and I have been juicing sense December and we have both lost weight. We are currently working out to T-25 and starting to train for a few 5K's this year and a couple obstacle course runs. Hope to inspire anyone we can.
  • By reading your statement above, I think you should start looking at the quality of the food you are eating and maybe add a few more calories to your eating plan. By adding cals I want you to add mostly veggies and fruit. Limit the meat intake and purchase the more lean meats. I do grass feed and free range chicken and…
  • Beachbody as and app for both iphone and androids. But for on here the heart monitor is the best way.
  • You can add me too, from one columbia to another... My wife was on WW for several years and recently stopped. We still get a few of the smoothie mixes and snacks but not many. We have started juicing in Dec. and she has lost around 10lbs and I have lost around 19lbs. I like mfp because of the awesome people.
  • WOW.... Your doing amazing. IT is truely inspiring to see the results from all the hard work put in. Keep it up and you look awesome.
  • Look up the Smarter Science of Slim by John Bailor. Very cool book on weight lose and the science behind it. It is very paleo like but not as hard to follow.. I have just started the eating clean thing and I am going to try this for 5 days and move forward from there. Good Luck.
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  • Hey Charlie, it is very hard and you do not need to beat yourself up over eating bad. Like rocky said "It's not how hard you can hit, It's how hard you CAN get hit and get back up." I like that quote so much cause it is so very true, life is hard and there will always be miss ups or failure of some kind and you have to…
  • Sounds like your not eating enough Calories with the amount of exercise you are doing(depending on intensity level). I think you are wise to not eat bread and pasta, but you should look into eating more veggies during the day kind of like eating the paleo way. Now with that said good carbs should be consumed before an…